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Two Videos in the Ho, Ghana Market

Ho, Ghana is a well-organized city located at the edge of a small mountain range that separates Ghana from Togo. The city is sits on a set of small rolling hill, a person is normally either walking up or down a small hill, there are few truly flat areas.

I am truly enjoying the market in Ho; normally walking around in Africa markets is a claustrophobic experience. This market in Ho is not clumped or cluttered, it is open and easy to walk, yes at time there are bottlenecks, and you need this to know the feeling of shopping in Africa.

Ho, Ghana West Africa --- Thursday, December 16, 2010


The transportation in Ho is fantastic after you understand how it works. For 20 cents USD, I can take a collective taxi anywhere in the city. I point at the direction I go, the taxi stops, I tell the taxi where I am going, he says yes or no, I enter and a few minute I am there.

Therefore, I can go the market easily and eat an egg sandwich; no location in the city is far. This type of Taxi system is common in West Africa; I was doing the same in Grand Bassam. Ho would be an excellent city for older people who wanted to come visit Africa. They could fly into Accra, be in Ho in four hours and never have worry about walking too much.

Video of my Sandwich Breakfast in Ho Ghana Market
Listen closely to the video, the man asked me for money because I took a video, I slide on through smoothly.

Video of Ho Ghana Market Below

The first time I came to Ho, I stayed in a Hotel called Work and Happiness, this Hotel was more of a bar with a Hotel attached. Because I happened upon the Tarso Hotel, not in the Lonely Planet, my whole opinion of Ho has change. I find it mentally intriguing what makes me happy, if I can wiggle my way into the proper housing, with adequate amounts common areas and people around, I can be happy in about any city. If by chance, I enter the wrong Hotel, it is easy for me to say the city is bad; I tend to transfer my Hotel experience to the city experience.

I have known for years in the back of my mind that general tourist liked their Hotel. When living in a four or five star hotel, then telling me you like the country or city, I do not listen. It is rather difficult to not like the feeling of a five star Hotel. However, to find the Home away from Home experience like the Tarso, Hotel is difficult. Ivy the girl that work there, is personable, if I stand up and start to walk away, she ask,
"Where are you going?"

This is nice; somebody cares what I am doing. Room cost 7 or 10 dollars and up, I will take a video of the Hotel soon.

Two Videos in the Ho, Ghana Market


Only 1 in a 1000 readers is a traveler, so from a "Tourist Perspective," then I am doing nothing.

However, this is the inherent problem of a "Travel Blog." if I am not talking about highly exciting tourist attractions, then readers are confused.

You saying "dilapidated" markets is just a subconscious prejudice against anything African. I have been to Africa six times, the moment I set foot in Africa readers start to act as if I am in a horrible place. I never say it is horrible, the readers say it is horrible. this is just crazy.

Africa is not over-populated, the amount of clutter I see in comparison to Asia is one-fifth or India, --- India is a pig sty compared to Africa.

Travelers enjoy simple things, while tourist need entertained.

I can sit with a couple of girls cooking my eggs and be entertained greatly.

I will continue to get negative comments for a long as I am in Africa, why? Because it is full of black people, and the NGO's have sold the place as bad.

A person can travel for years in Africa and never lose their first impression gave to them by the NGO's and Press. Sadly, people do not change their opinions, their first concept is the judgement for life.

Africa is wonderful, no tourist to drive me nuts with stupid asshole comments, and plenty of locals happy to meet me, we enjoy talking. Not like Europe where the Europeans treat tourist with disdain, the tourist are welcome here.

The say to me 50 times per day,
"You are welcome," in a Ghana English way.

True perpetual travelers are happy with the simple idiosyncrasies of culture, while tourist rate a country by the amount of entertainment, and the number of things they can brag about they seen on the trip.

Africa has not built any large castles, they have not constructed much, the place has few if any true tourist attactions, the attraction is the culture of the tribal people Being that people cannnot allow themselve intimacy, this stops tourist, Africa is about being close to people, nothing to do with Tourist Attractions.


Very well put. You hit the distinction between a traveler and a tourist on the head with this comment. That is is!


I always compare, and always will, the only way to explain to a person is to compare a place to another place they know, or could know.

The speed of travel is the essential difference.