Two Kisses from French Girls is Required

I was at a party last night, and as I was introduced to a French girl, she kissed me on the cheek and started to walk away, I said,
"I need two, you are French."
She came back, and said,
"I am sorry."
And she kissed me on the other cheek.

San Pedro, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Sunday, April 18, 2010
By Andy Graham of


Often my life is like a movie, beautiful people surround me, and I must say thank you, I am a lucky man. I am a global citizen. I sat at the table last night, looking at the sky, wishing the rest of the world could be so lucky.

I have to ask myself,
"Why was I invited to a party on top of the world?"
"Why do I know I deserve two kisses from all the French Girls?"

Two Kisses from French Girls is Required


Why did i invited you to my party?
Because i really enjoy your company!!!!
It was a pleasure to have you!


I am not lucky because I got two kisses, I am a lucky man because I understand that French culture gives two kisses. I also know in Thailand that I am suppose to give a high Y as a form of respect and in the USA I shake their hand with a firm grasp and look them in the eyes.

Do you know how to say hello to your world properly?


Finally forwarded your blog adress to a few hundred of my yahoo contacts so hope your readership gets a bump. Will do the same with our msn contacts soon. So here's one for you which nationality says hello or goodbye with 3 kisses? the Dutch? or Danish? or ? It's great to cross paths with people at private parties you share a similar mindset and enhance your energy.

Guess I still feel more comfortable with hugging friends than the European habit of kissy cheek. Still find giving firm handshakes and eye contact a way of getting my first impression of someone I meet or am introduced to at any social gathering. On our last trip to Hawaii to visit our daughter we were introduced to a 30 y.o. guy she was dating who gave the limpest handshake I can remember so before leaving I couldn't help sharing the fact with our daughter and the impression it gave me. I was happy to hear a few weeks later she stopped dating the guy.


I had a friend say, you are trying to provoke, while in reality I believe honest thoughts are provocative, I am honest, therefore I am inherently provocative, I am trying to be honest, seems to be as rare as common sense.

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