Twitter and BlackBerry in the Bath Water

Twitter and BlackBerry in the Bathwater
I can never get these sayings correct, however here goes…

Do not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Maybe my life is not more important than 140 characters on
Maybe I do need to learn how to use a BlackBerry.

I had a very startling high-tech experience in the city of Kilgoris, Kenya given to me by a Masai woman. (She was wearing clothes; this is Africa, not CNN.)

Should I label this an epiphany?

Siaya, Kenya
East Africa
Monday, April 27, 2009

Siaya is the closest city to Kogelo, the Homestead of Barack Obama.


…. Michael Corleone, the new Godfather is in Cuba riding in a private limo to a meeting about the future of Cuba. He sees a man blow himself up killing a politician.

Michael recognizes the power.


I am walking down the street in Siaya, Kenya to buy a Pineapple from a street vendor. My cell phone rings, I have a text message, I look down, Naomi the receptionist from the Sussy Grand Hotel has written.
“Where are you?”

I think to myself…
“Why does she want to know?”
I am not poking her, she is not my girlfriend, she is not my wife, I do not owe her money, she is the receptionist in the Hotel, a nice girl and I hope a friend.

“Where are you?”

I answer,
“I am buying a Pineapple, then getting on a Boda Boda Bike taxi to come to the Hotel.”

Hmm, I think to myself,
“I can give her the Pineapple, she will cut it up and give me a few pieces; I will save myself a lot of juice.”

I think this is, my life in less than 140 characters.


I am in Kilgoris, Kenya; I will show you mine if you show me yours.

I have this BlackBerry, there is a bright Masai women talking to me by the name of Mayanie, she is cute, I think to myself, I will show her how I receive emails on the BlackBerry and impress her on how smart I am.

I show her mine.

She opens up her 50-100 Dollars Cell Phone, shows me how she downloaded Opera Mini and writes me an email and sends it. Then explains how she is updating her page from the phone.

She shows me hers.

This is a BlackBerry, this is a smart phone, and this is the future whether we like it or not.


A For Sale sign is being placed on the Corporate Headquarters of the New York Times Newspaper.

A For Sale sign is being places on Microsoft Corporate Headquarters and two computers are being thrown out the window into a dumpster.

99 percent of the world does not own a computer.

Soon 99 percent of the world will have a cell phone that will Twitter, Facebook and soon computers will be placed next to the typewriter.

Everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame, and truly 140 characters is more than I need to explain my life, no need for sequels or reruns.

Give the world a Cell Phone, a Facebook and Twitter account, credit on a prepaid account. Ergo there is no reason to learn to type or write a sentence, nobody is reading. The attention span of a human is less than 140 characters.

Twitter and BlackBerry in the Bathwater