Tuttlingen Germany Hotel Breakfast

Tuttlingen Germany Hotel
I am thinking too much about too stupid of problem, I am thinking about breakfast, and whether it is free or it cost. The woman or the boss, or the owners, or for sure the management of the Hotel that showed me to my room and helped me check in also showed me to the breakfast room.

I tried to ask,

She speaks zero English, and I speak only the “Hello” and “Thank You,” therefore both of us are only working by the idea that we both know what I am doing, I am renting a room for a couple of nights.

However this breakfast issue is making me think too much, there is this gossip or story told to me that breakfast is always included, or they must provide breakfast in Germany at hotels. This English woman in the Hostel in the Liechtenstein told me stringently, that,
“The must supply breakfast.”

Now, she is a 55 British Lady, living in Germany for 30 years, and talks to me in the manner that she knows and for sure, I do not understand how to travel. She has a subject, and the subject of the sentence could be “Hostels”, or it could be “Youth Hostels,” they are not the same, and she could mean, “Hotels.” I really cannot figure out the direct subject or target of her sentences, I have has other travelers say that breakfast is always include in Europe.

However, I can say, only about 50 percent of the time in the Hostels has a free breakfast been included, or probably less. In the Hotels along the way about 50 percent, I am clueless to decided when or when not, this seem to be a service of many accommodations, however for sure not guaranteed. It is difficult to suss out he truth in these statements, and these well-intended, self-appointed experts on all subject, and all travel issue are hard for me to refute as I have only lived or traveled in maybe about 12 of the 42 countries, and this does not make me feel confident to talk on Europe. I have been or stayed in Europe about five times, and now have lived in Europe over 7 months of my life.

Free Breakfast
A free breakfast is more of a standard in Europe than the rest of the planet, however only in my opinion maybe a 50 percent option. However, to me if you list the words “Guest Kitchen,” I would suppose a kitchen includes a “Stove.” however for sure many hostels do not see fit to include a kitchen that allows you to cook.

I would like to say I am an expert traveler; however, this self-appointed acclaim seems arrogant and impossible to tag on myself. The world is a big place, too big, I find I am not able to know everything, I think maybe I understand 4 percent of the travel world, and for sure they place dice with the rules on a daily basis. Nothing is predictable, and nothing is guaranteed, I will not trust myself to say, or use the word always in the sense of really “always.” It is only a generally, or a normally, it is never 100 percent on anything. However, for the sake of speech, I do say the word always, however for sure I mean normally.

However as the too sensitive types, or politically correct always want to say too often, too much, and with self-righteous demands in their voice.
“What is normal?”

This means that normal does not have a right to exist; however for sure there is a place for normal, life has normal things. However, in travel there is a hope of normal standards. Like maybe, here in Germany or part of Europe breakfast is included free.

Standards do not apply, I remember or think of staying the Four Star Hotels in Iraq, the Hotel I am in presently in comparison is then a Five Star, however I would say, I am in a One Star, and only a couple of the ones I was in Iraq, yes the Al Fanar was at least a One-Star Hotel in Baghdad, however the ones in Arbil or Dohuk were only zero stars.

I get very annoyed thinking about the first class bus systems in South America, which are often over-priced and racist to me, just a way to pay your way to not have to sit with Quechua people. I will not pay my way to stay away from the rabble, I want to live and eat with the rabble for the same price in life. I do not want to separate, I will pay more though for better service and quality, however not to keep myself away from normal people.

Ooops, I cannot to one paragraph without using he word normal.

I am having the problem of “Cognitive Dissonance.”

It is the torture imposed on my brain, when a person poses a question, my mind goes into over-drive, it is total lack of harmony until the question is answered, ergo Cognitive Dissonance.

Oh well, only one solution, I go to breakfast this Sunday morning, sit at the table, hold up some Euros point at the plates of food, rub my thumb and index finger, the what-I-hope-universal-hand-signal for “How much money.”

Then she will either write down the price on a piece of paper or give me a wag of the finger no. I guess the shaking of head no and the wagging of finger back and forth in German hand signals is the same as USA. I think the use is 25 percent or more German so they have not translated or change the hand signals. We use the same language of hand signals, however the word are different.

There is no need to translate hand signals between Germany and the USA, normally, however what is normal…?

This little lady is serving me my morning sausage, I do not eat sausage, however have made exceptions in Germany before, this breakfast is included and free in the Rosengarten Hotel in Tuttlingen, Germany

Yogurt and Muesli, a great breakfast, fattening however better than the Sausage, and a real treat, like eating Butter Pecan Ice Cream on top of Muesli or maybe we in the USA could say Granola, the Granola has Oatmeal, I guess, however the names bleed together.

(2) Muesli: breakfast food: an originally Swiss mixture of cereal flakes and rolled oats with dried fruit and nuts, eaten with milk for breakfast

Oops, the dictionary did not say “Yogurt.”

Breakfast is FREE and the room cost 21 Euros... Woopee what a great deal, not dorm bed, TV and a free good breakfast, this must be the imagination the folks are searching for in Germany, plue the city is full of wonderful buildings.