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Truck Ride From Moyale to Isiolo Kenya

Truck Ride from Moyale to Isiolo Kenya
The night before we left it rained, therefore the road was sometimes muddy. We had two flat tires and needed to stop to repair them, this was a common problem.

Photo of a large dual axel truck stuck in the mud along the road between Moyale and Marsabit, Kenya. The men in the convoy helped to push the truck out of the mud, there was no way to pass the truck until it was helped.

Isiolo, Kenya
East Africa
Sunday, March 29, 2009

People slept on bags of beans being shipped to Nairobi, Kenya, if you look close there is one Islamic women with her face fully covered, she removed this most of the trip except when we were near cities.

This guard with a rifle got on the truck for the trip between Marsabit and Isiolo, as I understand this is the most dangerous stretch of road.

There were many of these birds along the road and many what looked like miniature deer. On the stretch between Marsabit and Isiolo, we saw one wild Zebra; I think it walked out of a game reserve close to the path.

Truck Ride from Moyale to Isiolo Kenya