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Hotels manipulate Hotel Booking sites; they will post good reviews about their Hotel, and bad reviews about their competition.

Boy Genius from India, my partner in sent me a link yesterday.

Is Trip Advisor One Big Joke

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Southeast Asia
Saturday, June 27, 2009


Is one big joke?

I would say no, however I could give you a never-ending list of websites, travel writers, newspapers, and television blah blah blah that are a joke, in fact, my guessitmate is 99 percent.

How do I know a Travel Writers is lying?
Their mouth is moving.

Do I recommend you get on, I normally do not recommend anything, however I do recommend everything. Take a lick, a taste of everything, but do not bite.

I do not make reservations, it always seems like the best way to guarantee I live in the worst Hotel and pay the most amount of money. If I get a reservation it is for one night, then I walk around that day to all the Hotels in the area and give them a personal review, then move if needed. I move 80 percent of the time.

I continually move or upgrade.

Hmm Chiang Mai,
Started at Top North Guesthouse at 500 Baht.
Went to P.S. Guest House around the corner at 200 Baht, thinking the WIFI was ok, it was not.
I am now paying 150 Baht or five U.S. Dollars and have unlimited WIFI in my room and I pay to swim in the Top North Guesthouse. I will not tell you where, however hope to put on is ok, not so bad, they are trying to do a good job, and the people writing the reviews are always giving them a top rating, because people who write reviews like to send people to read their reviews. (Read that sentence again it is the secret of the internet.)

Never trust anyone in the travel industry, including me, sometimes I make mistakes.

I know one thing, the less I pay for a room, the less I worry about whether I got a good deal, there is a point where I know I did, and the majority of tourist and travelers are in a constant state or worry or trying to check.

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