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Hotels manipulate Hotel Booking sites; they will post good reviews about their Hotel, and bad reviews about their competition.

Boy Genius from India, my partner in sent me a link yesterday.

Is Trip Advisor One Big Joke

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Southeast Asia
Saturday, June 27, 2009


Is one big joke?

I would say no, however I could give you a never-ending list of websites, travel writers, newspapers, and television blah blah blah that are a joke, in fact, my guessitmate is 99 percent.

How do I know a Travel Writers is lying?
Their mouth is moving.

Do I recommend you get on, I normally do not recommend anything, however I do recommend everything. Take a lick, a taste of everything, but do not bite.

I do not make reservations, it always seems like the best way to guarantee I live in the worst Hotel and pay the most amount of money. If I get a reservation it is for one night, then I walk around that day to all the Hotels in the area and give them a personal review, then move if needed. I move 80 percent of the time.

I continually move or upgrade.

Hmm Chiang Mai,
Started at Top North Guesthouse at 500 Baht.
Went to P.S. Guest House around the corner at 200 Baht, thinking the WIFI was ok, it was not.
I am now paying 150 Baht or five U.S. Dollars and have unlimited WIFI in my room and I pay to swim in the Top North Guesthouse. I will not tell you where, however hope to put on is ok, not so bad, they are trying to do a good job, and the people writing the reviews are always giving them a top rating, because people who write reviews like to send people to read their reviews. (Read that sentence again it is the secret of the internet.)

Never trust anyone in the travel industry, including me, sometimes I make mistakes.

I know one thing, the less I pay for a room, the less I worry about whether I got a good deal, there is a point where I know I did, and the majority of tourist and travelers are in a constant state or worry or trying to check.

300 plus Diggs, I think they game it...Twitter, Facebook, it is all a game, it is not real life. Gamed


Fun stuff,

I read the link on of the Top North Guesthouse, thanks for putting in the link in box and making life easy. I do not read reviews so of very little value to me to get on TripAdvisor, but I do believe there is value.

I stayed in the Top North Guesthouse on my third trip to Chang Mai, this was last year, I was here a couple of years before. I came to visit a friend Travis and he was living in the Top North and I needed to do a Visa Run to Burma, I stay about five days.

First, there are two Top North Guesthouses, I suspect the person paying 800 was staying in the other one, but I do not know.

When a person gets a reservation, I believe the majority of Hotels in Thailand would game you.. hehehe.... and on planet earth. I continually say,
A reservation is the best way to reserve the worst room in the Hotel.

I paid 500 Baht and had an excellent room overlooking the pool, I believe it was one of the best in the Hotel. I looked at maybe four rooms before taking my room. I always reviewed the room before I paid. This is the inherent problem with a reservation for more than one night, a person has paid, the hotel can then give them any room, say they are full, people with paid reservations and the person is required to accept, by my way of doing things have gotten the worst room and I have got the best.

Note, on we are going to put a section asking,
Which rooms numbers are the best rooms in the Hotel?

Note, i think the competition gamed the Top North, I suspect the report about the men on drugs at night and stealing money was made by competition.

BOTTOM line on Top North.

IF you want a swimming pool, it is maybe the only Hotel in this part of the city and the 500 Baht rooms have AC, TV, Cable and a good value for 2 people at 500.

The 400 Baht rooms are dreary and face ugly areas, however do have AC, TV and a pool.

300 Baht rooms become pretty bad values because the removed the TV and AC and the bad value is becuase you can compare to may rooms with fans in this area.

I am paying 150 for my room with fan, no TV and high speed Internet WIFI, I then pay 100 to go the Top North Swimming pool. I want a pool.

Are the comments on Top North accurate, I think yes except for the two drug guys and stealing money and the 800 Baht room, I think all room are 500, maybe 600 in high season. There is no picture to check.

This Hotel is rather good hotel for this particular small area of Chang Mai and the area is quiet, I read by accident a review on TraveFish or something and they keep talking about loud music, I have been here for a week and I think the site was again gamed by the competition, there is no loud music.

What is real?

99.99 percent of tourist only stay in a hotel room 2-3 weeks per year and normally do not return to the same country or area. They want a five star hotel for the cheapest price and are always unhappy unless they are in this hotel. PRICE is the factor, a person to do a review had to compare the hotel to hotels of the same price.

How does a person who lives in a Hotel for 2 weeks qualify, not really a good critic.

I do not think there is any rooms within walking distance of the Top North that has a pool and cost less than 500, I think they can go double to 1000 Baht and get a better room with a swimming pool,

A person who lives in a Hotel for 2 weeks a year is not capable of making general reviews.

The only true way to use their power is to ask,
Does room 22 have ants?
Does the hotel have a swimming pool, yes or no?

Which room number is the best room?

Price and compared to what is the problem.

Fun stuff and I do hope people keep getting reservations, then if I returned and stayed in the Top North with girlfriend I could get the good room. They would know I would refuse to rent a room until it was given the best, the save the best for the wise customers and hard sells.

250 per person is a good deal, while me alone at 500 is expensive,

What is the point in telling you where I stay? If you came at noon to the Top North, all the people would check out at 12:00 there would be rooms opening up all around you and you could could walk around and review all the hotels in this small area and find a good Hotel.

My trampoline or selling point is 150 price coupled with WIFI. This is my selling point, I also like the Hot water, but not so important in Chang Mai.

What do you want?

The people doing the reviews of the Top North need to go above 1000 Baht here in Thailand and need to find a Hotel with at least 100 rooms. If they did that, I would almost guarantee they find what they wanted. With more than 100 room the rooms become boringly consistent, a high rise and everything probably works. It is not a mom and pop hotel in a Thai neighborhood. The word Boutique, translates to Bend Over.

Above 1000 Baht in Thailand is above the middle range, so normally only for the people who only want great rooms, are making reservations and on two week vacations.

Below 1000 Baht in Thailand and normally you have to inspect the rooms and choose the best in the Hotel,

What I find hilarious, I almost always live in the best room in the hotel and pay the same price as the people who paid by reservations. I interview the rooms, I do not allow owners to hand me the key and go to the room.

I watched three people doing that the other day in the Top North, it made me laugh, Thai people are smart enough to give them bad rooms. They will only stay two days and not important, save the good rooms for the UNsold people like me.

Andy in the ThaPae Gate Lodging right across the street from Top North, I am in in room 5 for 150 Baht with Skye ready WIFI Internet and hot shower. I point the fan out the window when I leave to keep the moisture level down and create ventilation. I like the fan on the floor and not the ceiling fan because it blows at my feet and not my eyes.

I did not look at only two rooms, the distance from the WIFI router was my concern.

What I want is important, not what you want.