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Tricycle Taxis are Hated in Philippines

Tricycle Taxis are Hated in Philippines
I finally understand a few reasons why Expats in the Philippine despise the Motorcycle Taxis that look like Tuk Tuks in the Philippines.

I travel the planet, it is normal to sit on a bus, train, plane from 10-30 hours; it is the cost I pay for being a traveler. I do not avoid it; this is the rights of passage to being a traveler. I just pay the price and try not to think or complain. And for sure I do not avoid paying this price.

Bauang or San Fernando, Philippines
La Union Province
Southeast Asia
Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I pay the price, I cannot change a country, I must accept the transportation as it exists.

This tricycle taxi goes slow; it seldom goes over about 30 miles per hour. These vehicle couples up with Jeepneys have crippled the transportation in the Philippines. Top speed for land travel in the Philippines seems to be 30 mile per hour.

I truly do not care; I do not live here and kind of enjoy long trips on buses, which is why I am good at being a traveler. I was all excited that Ethiopia had Tuk Tuks, and now I am realizing when manage wrong they can cripple a country.

Fun crap, these are great forms of transportation for the locals, and humorously the American hear are 200 pounds too fat to get in them. I am sure they are reminded they are obese every time they see one.

I take the Jeepneys; I do not enjoy negotiating with gouge economics of the planet.

Tricycle Taxis are Hated in Philippines


I love the trikes, however, only after I know the locals price and stop negotiating with the Philippine people... hehehe

However, these vehicles should be banned outside the city limits.

Now, that is a huge problem, normally a mayor will extend the city limits for miles so he or she can tax.

Second problem, a city never ends in the Philippines. It is hard to see an open field from La Union all the way to Angeles City.

I guess I need to go to the Mountains, - Life in a 300 people per square kilometer country....