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Traveling With the Ugly American

2009-10-24 07:47:28

Traveling With the Ugly American
I finally got to meet my constant travel partner, “The Ugly American Movie.” this movie has been my constant shadow now for 11-12 years.

This movie with Marlon Brando made in 1963 defined a stereotypical American called the “Ugly American.” The label is what scares many a good American into wearing Canadian Flags, and denying they are American. These people believe the USA is hated by the other countries of the planet.

United States of America
Orland, Indiana
Saturday, October 24, 2009

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The Ugly American Stereotype
More or less the essence of being the Ugly American is similar to making a student bored in class. When a person comes across as the authority, the teacher and treats others a a pupil, telling them what they need to know, they are being the stereotype. The student can become bored and starts to mock the teacher, whereby soon Europeans will use mockery to belittle you into submission.

1. Talking loud.
2. Not listening, if you find yourself the only one talking…
3. Too confident
4. Believing you are a teacher and other countries are the pupils.
5. Expecting other countries to be grateful to the USA.
6. Indifference

The book and the movie defined and validated a stereotype that has empowered a generation of people to openly criticize Americans. I find is a little humorous, when you are listening to a European person tell you who American are, they representing the same stereotype they want to belittle. This stereotype is used by Europeans and other Americans against you, seldom used by other areas of the planet.

First any person who wishes to directly insult your country is not your friend, politely excuse yourself and go find a better class of person to spend your time. When a person takes a preconceived stereotype and tries to enforce you to defend it is a no-win situation a form of cultural bigotry.

1. Never apologize, this just empowers the abuser.
2. Learn a language
3. Study Geography
4. Read the book and watch the movie.
5. Honest
6. Do not talk directly at a person.
7. Back down in arguments, and stop talking.
8. Never give advice unless asked, it is not wanted.

We can change our pants, we cannot change people, please do not try to save or change the world, people save themselves.

In this scene, the man is screaming that he is not a pupil and the American cannot tell him what to do.

When the USA tells another country what they must do…
When a person tell another person what they must do…
The byproduct is anger.

I recommend you buy the book and the movie “The Ugly American” if you are going to live or travel overseas for long periods of time. You will also realize how the book and movie theme have been twisted. In the book, the man is actually a very ugly man who helps the locals.

Traveling With the Ugly American

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