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Travelin Man, Beautiful Loser --- I am Not a Monk, Orphan or Hermit

Ahh… the sigh of understanding and insight into why people fear the travelin man.

Maybe I have seen the light at the end of the tunnel, maybe people think I am a Monk or Hermit. I suppose calling myself a Hobo does seem a little too independent. It would not be a red-letter day in my life if I heard my son say,
"Dad, I am going off to be a Hobo."

Recently I had some health problems, women problems and confusion, why, because I am normal person living a normal life. However, readers want to blame travel, they tell me to leave Africa, to go to a safe place, to come home. Please try to understand, I am wealthy man, I am in the game, I am engaged in life, I am alive, I am not coming home, I am a wealthy man.

Monk talking on Cell Phone in Lhasa, Tibet, part of China.

Travel Has Made me Wealthy
I have so many close friends it crazy, because I left home and traveled the planet, I have 30 close friends instead of the normal five or six, and I am a wealthy man.

I have people tell me,
"Andy, you live the dream."
When I hear comments like this today, I am not happy, there was a times when these romantic notions made me proud. When I first started on this perpetual travelers journey 13 years ago I was happy to live the dream, it gave me a sense of pride to escape from America.

I now understand the longer version:
--- "Andy you live the dream, but I am not going to do it."

It took me a few years to realize what happen, on hindsight, I realized that when I left my family, friends, and job, many people were angry with me, there are few of my close friends that are no longer friends because they are angry with me, I believe they feel,
"Andy, why did you desert us?"
"Andy, why did you leave us?"
-- "Stay gone."

Somewhere in this song, is the secret story of a travelin man?

A Few Old and Close Friends Never Stop Making Snide Remarks
When I return home to visit, these are good friends, close friends for years that start with small cutting and hurtful remarks, in a way they are saying to me,
"Why do you come home and remind me you left me."
"If you are going to leave me, then stay gone."

"I am not an Orphan."
Do we have abandonment issues; are you afraid of being alone?

Monks live together, they are not alone

There are so many misconceptions about my lifestyle, I did not leave my friends, I am still with them, I am always part of a bigger group, I am not a lonely traveler, I opened the door to the world.

Ho, Ghana West Africa --- Saturday, February 12, 2011


Monks have a connection, they are connected to people, they have friends, normal lives and the life is not about giving up life, it is about opening up our lives to new worlds.
Monk Playing Counter Strike War Game in UlaanBaator Mongolia Internet Cafe


Johnny the Private Pilot Called from Dubai
I got a text message on my local Ghana cell phone.
"Turn on the TV; Mubarak is going to resign as President of Egypt."
I am in Ghana, he is in Dubai, tomorrow he could be anywhere and so could I, however the world is small, and we became friends in Sosua, Dominican Republic.

Mark in New York Calls
Mark calls my USA number, which forwards to Skype, then forwards to my Ghana cell phone number. I can see his name on the cell phone panel.
"Hey Mark, what are you doing?"
"I am on the way to the winery."
"What are you doing?"
"I am sitting here with Bah, watching bad Ghana TV soap operas."
I had the phone to my Ivory Coast girlfriends, she is somewhat amazed, talks a few minutes with Mark, I have introduced Mark to Bah, and Bah to Mark.

Johnny said; turn on the Skype video, so I can see her.

Mom Talks about Taxes
I call my mother, she has accepted I am not very far away, she instantly says,
"You need to do your taxes."
"Ok, Hello Mom, how are you?"
Just as if I was next door, she wants to remind me to do my taxes. I ask her about the freezing weather in Indiana. She ask a little about what I am doing, but she knows, I am ok, I get off the phone, call my Accountant in Florida, check with him, then call her back,
"Send the paper to Jack, the address is the same."

Morning Meeting with Boy Genius in India
Every morning I have a business call with my coder and friend in India, normally we talk over Yahoo Messenger, we spend a lot of time talking about Iphones, Smartphones, and all the new Mobile toys, and then sometimes we talk business.

I did not become a Monk, when I took off traveling, I opened the door to the world, instead of staying home, I went out to meet with some friends.

Work from Home People are sometimes Orphans
What start this story is funny, I was reading how a business allowed employees to work from home, work independent and on the second page, I read this:

"The key criteria was that laptops, and their users, were no longer to be treated as "orphans of the enterprise network" with a subset of the features available to desktop users, Doyle says. Instead, they were to become extensions of the enterprise, with the necessary applications, connectivity, management tools, remote control and security."
Bringing Orphan Workers into the Group

John Cox the Writer of the Above Quote
I want to thank John Cox for empathizing and making business and real live accessible by writing in a adult and insightful way about real life.
John Cox

Nobody wants to be told to leave home, go out and make money, we are broke, this is what a Hobo did, it was a post war, depression time, they took off looking for work, and some of them ran away from home.

The world is connected, when was reading this page, I was doing research on my Mobile Office page, a page explaining how I stay connected, and often I am more connected than you are to my friends and family.
Mobile Office

8 Dollars Hotel in Ho Ghana - Tarso Hotel
If you think you have financial problems, think about this, there is no way I am having any problems paying my mortgage or rent. I have a private car that takes me from my door to wherever I wish, it cost me 1.50 cents here in Ho for my Chauffeurs, it is called a Taxi, not parking problem, no maintenance, and I have as many on call as I wish.

Does the song make you want to live?

I live in Paradise, one little problem and people say,
"That is not Paradise."
I think to myself, you have arrived in Paradise when you do not dream about leaving, who is dreaming about leaving, me or you?

Often the food I eat would be called a delicacy and only served in Fine Cuisine restaurants, as an exotic food, to me it is just normal life. When was the last time you ate "Lait Caille?" and spoke French with he waiter, I did it last week.

Travelin Man, Beautiful Loser --- I am Not a Monk, Orphan or Hermit


Great way of saying what I am feeling,
"hey turn UP the TV or turn off this guy's enthusiastic appreciation of life".

"by doing so made them more aware of their failures and inhibitions to GO FOR THEIR DREAMS."

I do not want to motivate or inspire people to travel, however it is always nice when I learn why people have fear, I believe people are afraid when they leave home, the only way to travel is to become a hermit and give up all the pleasures of life. When in reality is absolutely the opposite, I have 10 times the number of friends and get to partake of any pleasure on the planet, not just my home city.

It is not wise to inspire or motivate people to travel, I just wish to explain my life, sometimes in a more dramatic manner, but authentic, real, and in balance. Then if somebody wishes, they can understand a person who tells how it is, no sugar coated wrapping.

Travel Writers love to sell sugar coated travel stories wrapped in impossible dreams, to glamorize many times a very normal life, because they travel less than five days a month, and the rest of the time, write about the five days.

I know many alcoholics, you can tell them anything, if they want to quit they will find a way, if they want to drink, they will find a way. Therefore motivation and inspirational talk is not going to make a person do a lifestyle change.

Paradise is a place with no regrets.