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Travelers Nest and How I Live

Travelers Nest
Monday November 14, 2005, 6:16 AM

I have been typing in a tip for my newsletter for the last hour, trying to explain how I live and what I do; it is not so easy to explain how I think or what I think. The newsletter is more of a promotional thing for the site and for me to make money to travel. My blog is easy, I just type and go, publish and forget. It is my daily thoughts, however to really explain some ideas, I need to collect idea, compile, digest, try my best to use good grammar and they put all this in one location.

I can honestly say, it is not enjoyable, it real work, I wish I could write the first time and explain everything I am thinking clearly, I wish I could use the proper words.

I am really learning the idea of the traveler nest is this; I need to make my Hotel my home. I have to stop believing or even considering the possibility I will ever enter the perfect Hostel. I only have two solutions, make a Hostel for me to live in or to buy, change, create in the one I am presently located all the things needed to make it perfect.

I spend a lot of time thinking about tips, in the end; I realize they are all just tips trying to explain how I convert my life on the road to a life at home. I want to move, however I do not want to give up all the conveniences of home.
I have had some readers and some persona messages written that you will never see tells me what an idiot I am because I do not understand a cell or mobile phone.

These people, NOTE: All of the people that post add good solutions and help, there are some people though that try to send or write nasty post trying to tell me how I am stupid. This is ok, I have exposed myself to the world, and I have told you what I am thinking, there for I am a soft target.

However, the cell phone is like my Traveler Nest tip I am writing. I am thinking to myself, how I can make a five dollar per night hotel into a five star hotel.

I want a telephone in my room; I am tired of searching for hours to make one phone call.

I was talking with a British person; Ian that has traveled for 8 years, we both was trying to buy a cell phone system. He wanted to un-lock his phone or pay someone to un-lock his phone. I walked into a cell shop, I thought.
“Screw the cost; I will pay them whatever to get them to make it work.”

Guess what, that did not work; they had this system called “Freedom.” The girl in the place gave up. She spoke about five words of English, I put 500 hundred Baht out on the table trying to say, I am serious, and I want to pay. Get this phone to work; I wanted to call my mother to wish her happy birthday.

I was on the 7-11 system before. I figured this, if they sell the cards in 7-11 I can buy them anywhere and I can use the cell anywhere in Thailand. I really did not want to be on the “Freedom” system as none of the four 7-11 store had this card. They had something called Happy, and strangely, one had a system called “Orange.”

I had seen this system called “Orange,” advertised on a billboard, It said international, roaming, all those words that should or I hope mean “worldwide.”

Truthfully, an easy system is just to walk into a cell shop and pay, stop the brain and pay; you can pay your way into having a phone.

However to understand is difficult.

Ian the British guy said,
“They need to try to read the instructions in Thai.”

The Orange SIM card had half in English and half in Thai, however mostly in English. I went back to the one 7-11 and said to myself.
“I am going to pay 500 Baht, about 25 U.S. dollars. I am going to make this work.”
I need a SIM card from Thailand to make this work; the Philippines card just does not work.

I give 500 Baht to the three girls behind the very busy counter in the 7-11. These girls have been laughing with me for a while. They had recommended in two words of English, to go to the Cell shop. I had just returned and they were laughing at the Farang, this person is clueless, he really does not understand how to use a cell phone.

This stupidity was my advantage.

The world likes to believe they are smart, so they love to prove it, and I played this card to the maximum advantage.

I gave them the phone, I gave them 500 Baht, and I stood there as if I was really a stupid Farang. These girls attacked the phone, tearing it apart, installing the “Orange” card. The got it to work, they got the time to show up, I now have phone. I still do not know what frequency my phone is or how many channels; however, I do have a phone.

I want a phone in my nest; I want to have my home away from home to have a phone in it. I want to receive a phone call; I want to make a phone call. I am not going to pay 100 dollars a night to live in a five star hotel to get this. I will pay one dollar per day

As I left the Cell shop, I said I have to figure this out, I am hmmm… Too smart to explain on mechanical things, however let us say this, I am way above normal when it comes to mechanical things. However, you still have to learn. I guess in the Philippines I needed to learn the Tagalo language first, and then I go into the cell shop and talk and learn. Here in Thailand I need to learn the Thai language then I can go in and ask questions.

I was thinking, why does this card not work in the Freedom Card shop?

There are two aspects to the phone, sort of hardware and software. I would call the SIM card the software part of the phone; however where does the software stop and the pre-installed software on the hardware stop.

When I left the Philippines I did just as the brochure in the “Smart” system told me to do, I pressed some numbers one hour before I left to go to a “Roaming” system.

All it could say when I go to Hong Kong was I have no money on the system, who knows if it works, I could not buy a smart card in Hong Kong.

As I walk out of the shop, I reinstall the Philippine card and find this smart section of the menu that only show when I have the smart card in it, it says something about roaming. I go to this area and deactivate the roaming.

I go into the 7-11 to buy the Orange Card.

Did the new Non-Roaming system help, I do not know, however it could not hurt.

My cell phone was having the word “Orange” pop up on the screen, I think this may be my hint. When the name comes up this is the system I may need to buy.

Nonetheless, I am using an “Orange” system, IAN the guy from Britain says it is a large system and respected.

What this comes down to is this; I am not inundated with Advertisements on Television in my home country telling me everywhere about Verizon or about come cell phone system. I think maybe in Europe there are advertisements everywhere explaining the system to buy. Then there is you mate or buddy next door, has a phone and will tell you in English the phone to use.

Here in Thailand or the Philippines there are two sets of people.
1. The locals that only know how the phone works in their country.
2. The S E X travelers that I do not want to talk with, they have telephones

Often my problem is I am a snob, I will not sit around talking to low lives trying to discover from some idiot how to use a cell phone. This type of person does speak English however they are low lives, they are scum, I will not talk with them just to learn how to use a phone. There is a balance somewhere and I can find a few person that know.

The normal system is this, the bring a phone from home, the local cell shop gets it to work. It works on one continent; this is an idiot’s solution to worldwide access. Get a phone to work in two places, home and the country or continent they are visiting and then say,
“My phone works worldwide.”

I am thinking, are you sure, have you been to Africa, Egypt, have you been to China, Japan, have you been to the USA, are you sure that phone will work in Berlin, what about Russia. I think they are idiots sometimes, it is just impossible to say the word
“Worldwide.” The vendors know, you are not going to travel worldwide, let us be real.

A business traveler does not travel worldwide. The only go to a few locations, then the five star systems fixed the problem. Then to pay their way though the too rich to believe NGO’s have a Satellite System. It is hard to believe however the most modern, the most expensive systems on the planet are used by the paid by you donation companies like UNICEF or Care or Doctors without borders, or maybe World Vision. They have the phone system that cost two to 10 dollars per minute and they have a phone. I am too poor and people are not giving me free money to pay this fee.

Nonetheless, in the end, the goal of art of travel is to make you nest you home. To take this 260 Baht room or 6 U.S. Dollar here in Thailand, that has a common shower and a color TV with HBO and BBC and install a telephone.

I purchased a phone in the Philippines used for 26 Dollars.
I paid 500 Baht or about 25 Dollars to install the phone in Thailand.


What this comes down for me is this, I do not like to sit around learning about cell phones, there is about nothing more boring and simple. I do not like to learn software program either. It is time consuming, not that big of challenge, the problem is always time. It took me four hours of figuring out the cell phone in Thailand, I do not consider this an accomplishment, just a complicated and time-consuming way of installing a phone in Thailand. I want to avoid this in every country. Four hours of my time is too much to pay to have a telephone, I cannot be bothered. I suppose as I learn more I will do it faster.

The bottom line on installing phones in my room or nest is this.

Just pay a kid or walk into 7-11 and pay them, the world is in love with the Cell phone and they love to prove how much they know. There is almost zero reason to learn, just let them show how smart they are and you have a phone.

Bottom line… to really travel worldwide, I think you need to buy an UN-locked FOUR channel phone, I think if you have a contract, however also UN-locked it would be the best. I have no idea if this is possible, however this seems to be the bottom line. I personally will only pay 1 dollar per day to have a phone.

In my game of life, I win at this price, I lose if I have to pay more. My game is to prove I can get that Five Star Service for one dollar per day.

I have to leave tonight on a night bus to Khon Kaen. Checkout for my room is 12 noon, it cost me 6 dollars per day to have a room, do I sit around with my bag until 8:00 or until I leave or do I keep my nest?

How much pain will I endure to save a dollar? In Thailand you can live on 3-5 dollars per day comfortably, however you have to give up drinking.