Travelers are Obliged to Give Good Advice

Wade from said,
"We have no commitments because we are travelers, the only commitment we have is to help other travelers."

I knew what he meant, it is a rule I live by, Andy Graham of

 We need to give good, honest and transparent advice to other travelers, it is the rules of the road. I feel that if we do this one thing wrong, there is nothing in our lives we are doing right...
- Andy Graham

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Friday, February 26, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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Traveler Rules
This is not a rule on how to Travel, it is a rule on how to be a Traveler.

A girls from the Netherlands wrote me about eight years ago and said,
"Andy, stay pure."

I knew what she meant, I should not sell out and start making money at the expense of the other travelers on the road. A traveler does not go home to recover from the trip, they must stay safe, a traveler is going to solve problems, create solutions, we do not have the luxury of being a nitwit tourist. We must survive, earn enough money, and every time we save 10 dollars, we know we earned enough money for one more day of living outside the box generally called home.

Do you want to be a Traveler or a Tourist?
Are you a Traveler? or Tourist?

99.99 percent of Travel Writers are not tourists, they will lead you astray to make money, they are trolls living under bridges.

Travelers are Obliged to Give Good Advice


"stay pure" so easily said and so nearly impossible to maintain throughout one's life. I was at this Further Festival ( after Jerry Garcia died ) in San Francisco's south bay area with a Canadian friend I'd met in the Philippines when I first realized HOW MUCH I HAD CHANGED without really noticing it until then. My friend, his brother and I spent a couple of hours browsing and partaking of various parking lot vendor items and hanging around partying with others before the concert began. During this time one girl in her late 20s asked if she could "house sit" for us during our absences from Santa Cruz and I felt TONGUE TIED. Usually I'm quite quick to help people and offer YES as my first reaction but finally just had to answer her with simple " sorry but been burned too many times and can't go back" . But long after the concert was over and occasionally for several months later I contemplated my answer, the situation and how much I had changed and not necessarily to the positive.