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Traveled to Les Cayes Haiti

I took a Moto from Port Salut to Les Cayes for 250 gourde, about 6 U.S. Dollars a distance of between 25 and 30 kilometers. Motorcycle Taxis are an enjoyable way to see a country however; you must be brave, maybe crazy.

I am now moving back towards Port-au-Prince, I plan on stopping and staying a day or two in each city that is big enough for a Hotel. Hmm, I must be careful with words, I do not search for Hotels, I ask for Auberges, Pensiones or Chambres, if I said “L’Hotel,” for sure they would take me to the most expensive Hotel in town, I just keep saying
“Pas Cher.”
“Chambre Pas Cher.”

“Pas Cher” = Not Expensive

Les Cayes or Aux Cayes, Haiti - Tuesday, November 10, 2009
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Now I am in a rather nice room here in Les Cayes, it has a toilet, shower, fan, television that shows local stations in French and two small tables for 500 gourde, about 13 U.S. dollars. I think the television is French, it could be Creole, I am sure it is not English.

Map to Les Cayes, Haiti from Port Salut, Haiti - 25-30 Kilometers, paid 250 gourde.

Traveled to Les Cayes Haiti