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Travel Writers Paid 15 Dollars per Article 2010

So you want to be a Travel Writer, an Artist, maybe a Musician, my nephews wants to be work on Movies. They are out in California trying to make a go of it. My friend Chris Johns from Cebu, says he is in Hollywood producing a movie.

Los Angeles Times Article

I sure hope that link works, if not, somebody cover my back and do a paste. The articles name is “Freelance Writing’s Unfortunate New Model.” (My new Smartphone Model for Blogging still has some kinks, copying and pasting links is problematic.)

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Tuesday, January 12, 2010
By Andy Graham of
Travel Gear

True Believers
I call Writers, Artists, Dancers, Musicians, and any of the Artsy group, the happy people, the “True Believers.” A group of people who have the faith, they believe they are special, they believe they will make it against all odds.

Making Money is Over Valued
Everyone I know on planet earth works, and eats, you will not be able to avoid work. I want my nephews to dream, I want them to chase the dream, but I also want them to never quit, staying the course. As their Uncle I do my best to discourage them, tell them the facts, prepare them for the real world, and help if possible. Eventually, they will have a stable job, or they will be pitched aside after someone bleeds them dry of all their energy. They will do what they want to do, this is good.

The Money Model
You will work for nothing, almost free, and eventually you will make it, or NOT.

Secret to Success
Start your own company, work for three years for no money, eight hours per day, then after four years you will make money. Or, you will need to give up and accept, you are not going to make it, and become a teacher.

Teach How to Succeed
This is the end game, this is what people who cannot make do, and they go teach.

Follow Proven Success
Truly is easy to succeed, find a person or company that is a proven success. Then copy everything for about two years, then split away and do it better. Or better yet, work for the
Companies until you know how to steal all their ideas, and then split away.

I think I am looking for writers and photographers. I have a muse, an idea, as for now it has never comes to past. I think to myself, I will allow people to come travel with me for a month. This person would have the ability to bleed me dry, to quickly figure out my methods.

Problem with this Model
The true believers normally believe from day one they can do it better than the Pros, it takes them three years of going broke, before they learn to listen. The great part, everyone ends up at the same place, just a different path.

The road less traveled is a lot more interesting than a well-worn path.

Travel Website Model
Do not write, digest a lot of writings by wanna be travel writers, do not pay them, just make money from their talent. Promise them, you will be rich and famous, this is the model.

Travel Writers Paid 15 Dollars per Article 2010