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Travel to Lome to Attend Expatriates Dinner at Les Nuits des Orients

2011-01-20 00:04:00

I am in Kpalime, it is about two hours North of Lome, Togo and I will take a collective taxi called a "Cinq Place" which really carries six people to Lome today.

I plan to attend an expatriates dinner at seven pm tonight at the Les Nuits des Orients Restaurant. I truly enjoy meeting groups of Internationals living overseas for dinner, this type of meeting or dinner is difficult to find while traveling. There are few too commercial web sites that advertise meetings; however, in my experience it is best to beware of Expatriate sites, they are 95 percent only interested in selling people real estate to naïve retirees. There is an overabundance of people living overseas trying to sell their bad investment to the next person coming to retire.

This Girls Father has five wives here in Togo

I sometimes think about working this Expat Dinner angle hard on my website, the problem is I am working too many angles and never seem to work one correctly. However, with out new content management system, we now can allow people to write articles easy enough and hope to have writers help.

List of Expatriate Dinner Overseas

This link has a list of the Expatriate Dinners known by me, I am sure there are more, but Expats are a secretive bunch, most want to be anonymous, maybe they did something in their home country, I call them the "Wanted." There is also the group who are too obnoxious for prime time, truly do not fit in anywhere, they are rather nuts, I call them the "Unwanted." they came overseas to be a big fish in a small pond, where people do not realize they are unwanted at home. The last group is the hermits, they truly left home to isolate themselves by language, and they may speak English, but live in Thailand, a great way to hide. No Expats or person can fit into any stereotype well, these are mine to help me remember to beware of Expatriates, many are up to no good, and these stereotypes can help me observe, then I allow the person to evolve into a unique person, always trying to find the honest person hidden below their layer of noise.

Kpalime, Togo West Africa --- Thursday, January 20, 2011


The Lome group is special, it is connected closely with at least three major sane groups, the US Embassy, the German Embassy and the Peace Corps, the people working for these organizations are in Togo for business reasons, and are sort of normal, just displaced overseas.

I am always amused at the US Government Embassy site, they act as if a person can just come overseas, walk into an embassy and introduce themselves, and they request I register. There are few embassies where this is possible, the normal USA embassy overseas does not have any American in it, or one or two tokens. I remember going into the Madrid, Spain embassy to get a passport when mine was stolen. I met many American citizens, and they did not speak English, they were Spanish people who immigrated to the USA and were now working in the American Embassy. To find a person native born in an American Embassy is not easy.

Video of Auberge Mandela a good Chambre du Passage for Eight Dollars per night, it shows the front porch where I talked with a boy last night referred to in the next paragraph..

How to get an American Visa?
Just last night here in Kpalime, I was sitting in front of the Auberge Mandela watching people, when a young man walked up and wanted to be my friend. His French sucked, which is normal in Kpalime, and after I finally figured out what he wanted, I stood up, shook his hand and said,
"My name is Andy, I am from America."
More or less,
"Je suis Andre, je suis American."
My French is also bad, but my vocabulary can be larger, even though I cannot pronounce words correctly.
I said something like,
"So you want to be my friend?"
I was thinking, manners would help you, if you walked up, introduced yourself, and had a clue in life; you could maybe be my friend. I tried to give him a lame excuse about seeing a girl, and this did not work, I finally stood up to leave, and he held out his hand as if writing, and said,
"Give me your address?"
Normally, I just give it, I have only had one person write or call me in 12 years, it is easier to give the address and shut them up, but this guy was just annoying so I walked away, with a pat on his shoulder, I said,
"I do not know you."

Green Card
I have a new strategy or explanation to the people want a Green Card to the USA. I tell them, what you need to do it find a person who working in the USA Embassy, then pay them a bribe under the table. I also tell them, if you know someone that has immigrated to the USA, talk with this person, they already know all the crooked ways to immigrate to the USA illegally.

I do not believe there are many that immigrate to the USA on an above board level; I think there is usually a lie behind the majority. The whole immigration system of the USA is corrupt because the people working at Embassies are not native-born Americans; they are just people who speak the language. The whole civil rights thing works against the goal of screening employees, nobody cares. It would be more efficient to just stop immigration and grant citizen ship to the illegal aliens after 11 years of living illegally.

I tell them that also, just enter the USA illegally, after about 8-11 years; they will give you citizenship, why go through all this stupid hassle, just fly to Mexico and walk across.

The problem for me is this, the nice people who talk to me, think they can just apply, be good, and all will work. I would like them to come to the USA, they are honest and would be good citizens. Presently, the corrupt ones know corrupt people and are entering, this means that by default the corrupt get in, and the nice ones just keep being turned down, not the way it should be.

I tell the boys, go find a fat American girl in Peace Corps, and marry her, this is the easiest method.

I am Making Many Videos
I have been making one to three videos per day and uploading them, I think can easily average about one per day, which will be my goal as a minimum. I have yet to devise a simple system of notifying people of the subjects of the videos. I have started including this link:
Travel Videos

There are readers who want to read, there are readers who really just want to look at photos, and there are readers who want to watch videos

1. Read
2. Photos
3. Videos

I do not get traffic from YouTube.com, I am getting a little traffic from the "Like" button for Facebook.

Traffic does not come from joining sites that promise to send you traffic.
- YouTube.com does not give me traffic.
- Google Groups does not give me traffic.
- Yahoo Groups does not give me traffic.
- Facebook gives me a little
- Twitter.com could, but I am going to be secret on how.

The way to get traffic to your site is by making pages that are "Evergreen."
"Internet Wealth comes from pages that are Evergreen. They have a shelf life, the information will always be of value, and it is not short term.

This article explains best why I make money on the internet:
Evergreen vs. Short Term Articles

To create residual of passive income by having a website, a page should always have value, it cannot be about the most recent "IPO" release. That is news; this type of page Google wants down quickly, Google wants any news pages out of the index so it does not annoy readers.

Generally, I believe Google wants all Wordpress Blogs, and all Blogs to have a lower than average SERPS, Blog Pages are seldom Evergreen.

My videos are Evergreen in a way, but Youtube.com does not send me traffic, therefore I must display the videos on pages to make traffic. Well, I only have so much time in a day, and making pages for videos is work.

We want to Hire Data Entry People and Make into Writers
We are going to hire data entry people, and then try to train them to write. If we give them the title of writers, they all think they are worth a million dollars. A writer on the Internet sadly is only worth about 15 dollars per article. There are not many people who are willing to write for 15 dollars per article. Although they can live on 15 dollars per day overseas, they are not diligent to see that earning 15 dollars in Togo is like earning 100 dollars in the USA.

The failing of Wiki and most Travel sites is they do not assign writers to write about specific issues. I truly do not want to highlight an article written about Nepal Mountains, with many nice photos.

However, it would be fun to pay someone to write about Immigration Corruption, or how to find and Expatriate Dinner. This is good information, and to do this correctly, takes time. A person needs to follow the clues until they collect all the information needed. The person needs to be working on 50 articles and continually have some come to fruition.

Example of Good Article:
- This is a time sensitive article, drives traffic, and uses the power of TV to push

CNN wrote an article, my friend Gregory Hubbs from TransitionsAbroad.com was interviewed: TransitionsAbroad.com

The CNN writer collected information over time, and then constructed a well-written "Short-Term" article that was current and news.

I would not assign short term articles, this is what CNN does, but I would assign to real issues, not sell tour issues, but real questions. For example, write about the ATM situation in West Africa, or how to get your pension check sent overseas, I could assign 1000’s. We need a systems to manage, that can get rid of the 19 out of 20 writers who are not serious fast.

This is the article where Gregory Hubbs was interviewed:
Should American Work in China?

Time for Morning Call with Boy Genius in India
Monday thru Friday, I have a 15-minute call with Boy Genius, to discuss how to work on the web site. I used to only chat with him, site progress was slow, now with the Tether.com connection to the Verizon Global Email connection, plus the USB Wireless Internet Modems I can talk anywhere on the planet with him daily.

Chat does not work good, real conversations are great, many a person wants to hire a person assistant from India because of the book the 4 Hour Work Week. I truly recommend you call the person and make sure they can talk English. This is the number one need of any outsourced worker, the ability to intuitively and in English understand my request or jobs.

Travel to Lome to Attend Expatriates Dinner at Les Nuits des Orients

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