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Travel to Gitarama Rwanda

2009-05-23 21:48:27

Travel to Gitarama Rwanda
I will travel from Byumba, Rwanda to Gitarama today, I would like to stay longer, however the locals do not feel safe, moreover the lock on my Auberge door is broken.

This village is probably good for a day or two; then best to leave. When one lives at street level with the locals, people can see you and become envious. If a person stays in a NGO Grade Hotel, they normally are separated and remain isolated from the normal culture of a country.

It is a tradeoff, if you want to understand the culture of country, you need to live and travel with them to experience their culture. It also allows the locals complete access to my culture and lifestyle which sometimes makes me the target of crime. It takes about three days before a local culture gets organized and can act on their envy.

I paid a lot of money to come to Africa; I am here to learn the culture of Africa.

Byumba, Rwanda
East Africa
Sunday, May 24, 2009


I hope this does not take too long, the roads in Rwanda are supposed to be good. I will take a van to Kigali the capital of Rwanda for 800 Francs then transfer probably to another van to go to Gitarama, Rwanda.

On a cynical note, I need to be careful or the Lonely Planet Guidebook will be of no value in Rwanda. Byumba is not in the Lonely Planet and neither is Gitarama.

Top View Hotel
Centre d'Accueil Rukumo

This is what I would call a NGO Grade Hotel, the place where all the Non Governmental Organizations or ONG in French go to stay.

I try to not stay in this type of Hotel if possible; I feel a person is known the friends or people they associate with. Heheheā€¦ Pretty much this means any tourist in Rwanda.

Travel to Gitarama Rwanda