Travel to Cape Coast Today and Learning Attie Culture of Ivory Coast

We are going to travel to Cape Coast, Ghana today, and stay hopefully stay for a few days, I am hoping the Sammo Guest House is has remained a Backpacker hangout since the last time I was there four years ago. This is the only Backpacker Hotel I have ever found in this area of West Africa, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Mail, Burkina Faso, Togo, and Benin, then again, there are few true Backpackers here in West Africa.

Moreover, Cape Coast is maybe the one and only pure Tourist Attraction of West Africa or Ghana. President Obama came here to visit the fort, the sad part is the biggest Tourist Attractions of Africa were built by white slave traders and colonizers, and not the black African.

The Arabic people of Egypt up in the north of Africa created and constructed a lot, while most of Africa is purely a local cultural experience. East Africa has many animals, while in West Africa they ate them all, is is not east advise tourist what to do here, this is not normal tourism. There really is not much if you do not like local cultures, and the tribal stuff is quickly leaving, nothing much truly tribal here. (Tribal stuff is dirty and uncomfortable, not what 99 percent of tourist want to do, they want to splurge and go first class, contra-productive to understanding Africa.)

Takoradi, Ghana West Africa --- Monday, January 3, 2011


Cynthia is from the Attie Language or Culture of Cote d’Ivoire
My true enjoyment in West Africa is comparing and contrasting the language groups, which as far as I am concerned defines and separates cultures. If a group of people speaks the same language, they are the same culture in my opinion. The worst belief any person can have in Africa is to believe the people speak English or French, yes they study these language, however few people are sitting around talking English or French in their family conversations.

Therefore, because I knew Cynthia has an underlying language or culture that supersedes the French she speaks, and her going to University in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire I asked her,
"What tribe are you?"

Hmm, a great way to go no political correct in West Africa, while they will quickly say,
"I am Attie."
"I am Ashante"
"I am Ewe."
"I am Fanti"

Cynthia is Attie with an accent on the e.

Etc, they do not like you to use the word tribe so much, not a big problem, but I feel and believe the locals think in Language groups more than tribes. There is not much tribal loyalty, and they are more than willing to move into another area where their tribe is not dominating. A true or pure tribe is defined because they exclude other tribes from entering or intermarriage.

When the slave business was booming, my interpretation is this; the chief of one tribe would send his people to capture people from other tribes. They would then take these captured people to a fort set up by the Whites and sell them, this was a huge business in Africa for maybe 500-1000 years.

Three events caused huge changes in Africa.

1. The coming of the Banana from Indonesia, which caused a population explosion.

2. The end of Slavery, which caused an economic shift, slavery was a dominating business of the people of Africa for hundreds of years, and hard to say they have yet to recover or find new avocations.

3. The end of colonization, which was mostly in the 1960’s. Again, Africa has been economically spirally down and down, trying to reach out and find something that defines the business in Africa.

I feel Africa needs to have a label,
"Make in Africa." or "Made in Ghana," on something, in many ways the products produced in a country defines the country.

Cacao in West Africa, maybe Petro, and Agriculture products define most of Africa.

Attie Language or Culture
It becomes easier to understand the Attie culture of Ivory Coast with Cynthia because she is outside her own culture presently and trying to tell me she is not from Ghana. Often a person can define what they are not better than what they are.

Location of the people in Cote d’Ivoire that speak Attie, more or less, generally the Attie group is from an area to the north of Abidjan.

I had to research on the French part of Wikipedia because the English part did not have any information.
Attie on Wikipedia France

Note, I just did a test question,
"Are you from the Attie Tribe?"
Cynthia say,

Oops, she then asked,
"What is Tribal?"
We are talking in a combination of French and English, I did a search for Tribal on French Wikipedia and now her answer is:
"Yes, I am from Attie Tribe."
Tribal on French Wiki

Almost all culture have the default answer of "No," as I have observed the planet earth, people are quick to say no, or get angry if and when a person makes any defining statement. However, if I ask a culture to define their culture, they seldom have a clue how to define their culture. Therefore I have to say defining words, and they will get frustrated and say yes or no, and start to clarify what they are not, revealing what they are.

She does not understand freedom, rights or justice, as of now, they are just words to be said by Africans, mostly to shame or control others. The food she eats, the language she speaks define her as the Attie culture, the words she recognizes from other language tells me how often or much she mixes with other cultures.

She has been laughing, the children of Takoradi call me
"Abroni" often and continuously, this is White man in the Ashante language, maybe also in Fanti.

When I was in Cote d’Ivoire they called me BonFrere or BonFlare, which again means white man, and in Elubo, I could hear both words because the culture was mixed. I know when I change cultures because the children call me a different name for white man.

It is very tiring to be called Abroni all day, all night and with every sentence said to me by the Ghana people for the Ashanti tribe. They just never stop, the adults call me Abroni with no attempt to learn my name, or define me a human, more or less, and I am the White Man that they talk about in third person with the groups that is surrounding them.

I introduce myself as "Andy", they seldom know to answer with their name.

Generally, their English is horrible in a group, there is no way for the whole groups to speak in English, to have three people talk English with me is not going to happen often and only with the upper educated groups. Normally the whites gravitate and seek the groups of educated, and then transfer their opinions of the educated sector across the whole culture, which is incredibly stupid. Surrounding yourself with one group of people is not a country or culture, the sample has to come from all levels of education and economic backgrounds.

Cynthia is obviously in the upper economic and education levels, she tends to separate herself from the lower levels, in colloquial English, I would say she is somewhat snobbish. All people are normally snobbish, trying to not associate with anything the do not like.

First Class Travel is this, it woks because people want to avoid the lower classes.

I lived in the Cocoville Hotel in Elubo, no running water, sort of a ghetto of who knows what culture, a mix of both Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana a melting pot. If you have read comments, you know that people say,
"Elubo sucks."

This is because Elubo is down and becames "too normal." or "too real." tourist, NGO’s, Volunteers steer away from real and look for places like Cape Coast or place with trees, beaches or other Whites so they can be snobbish and separate. Nothing works better as a business in Africa, than a Hotel ran by Americans.

We will today travel to Cape Coast, the epicenter of tourism for West Africa, and this will allow Cynthia to be a tourist, she can look at White people and laugh, all us whites with our long nose and hair legs, I keep telling her,
"Only the ugly white girls come to Africa, there are prettier ones."

If you study my travels in West Africa, you could see, I avoid the bigger cities where the whites tend to congregate, I do not enjoy talking with the whites in Africa, the younger ones that hang out in the Sammo Hotel in Cape Coast are good, and I have this urge to slap the white here. They are so full of idealist crap, wanna explain what they read, not what they see. They want to be something when they are nothing, that I have this urge to slap them and say,
"You are nothing, accept it, and stop being pretentious, tell me what you observed, not what you read, the guidebook bore me."

If there is one thing that is sure on the planet, there are few special people, and for sure, I am not one them, look how I type, I talk to myself… hehehe

Blague is French for Joke, it sounds like "Blog."

Travel to Cape Coast Today and Learning Attie Culture of Ivory Coast

Slavery in one form or definition or another will continue to be practiced and accepted by the human race as the purest form of communism suggests, one man's luxury is earned by another man's labor. All of the wealthy countries full of self righteous citizens enjoy at least some part of their affluence from the cheaper labor in previous colonial countries or newly emerging nations. We taught our daughter that though Americans have been credited with many inventions, technological innovations and provided a welcome haven for a hardworking immigrant population let's not forget they basically stole the largest piece of real estate in the world and land ownership remains one of the greatest sources of wealth. Wars between neighbors and between different cultures throughout time have largely been over the possession of land or valuable natural resources.

Mankind's many conflicts and even modern political issues continue to erupt over federal power and jurisdiction over local or tribal jurisdiction. Time goes onward but human nature and our age old conflicts and friction amongst ourselves seems the same as centuries ago.


I wrote "White Man" in the Nzema or Grand Bassam language, but I tranliterated into French. I asked Cynthia to write:

She says: blorfloue with an accent on the final e.

The truthi is this, small children who cannot read or write call me they are saying a word that truly is not written often.

Cynthia did not obviously know how to write.


The words for "White Man" are always in a local languge, Fanti, Ashante, Ewe, Nzema

Fanti and Ahante is : Abruni
Ewe is : Yevu or Yevo
Nzema is : Bou Flere or Frere