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A company that sells cell phone SIM cards, also publishes a travel tips newsletter… I think…. ? I am not able to consistently monitor what companies are doing, I am a traveler. A great way to market and sell products is to publish newsletters of value, sadly 99 out of 100 are more or less junk, however this one seems tourist good, not so much traveler good, but up to snuff for the average tourist.

Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Tuesday, November 6, 2007
Andy of ---

I purchased a use-only-in-emergency world cell phone SIM Card, I hope it still works, I have never used it. The card is supposed to work about anywhere on the planet, I suspect the cost is from 5-20 dollars per minute. I know one thing, when I need it, and I use it, I will not care; it will be I need a phone time, and the cost is irrelevant. I have not had this moment in the last two years of owning the card. I think my debit card is attached to it, to allow the money to flow.

One good part is they publish this 50/50 yes or no newsletter of travel tips. I am not sure how to subscribe, but the guy, maybe his name is Michael is now sending it, I have never noticed a name before.

Nonetheless, for the curious, it does have some merit, please do not take any travel advice carte blanc and think to yourselfe, this is a newsletter that is selling products, therefore there are some money-making reasons to steer you toward things to buy.

“Never trust 100 percent a company that can make money by giving you bad advice.”

What is a SIM card?

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