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Travel Tip on Water Clarity Test

Travel Tip on Water Clarity Test
I have a friend in Thailand that refuses to buy drinking water from plastic bottles that are not clear. This is probably good advice, if you cannot see look at the water you are drinking, maybe you should not drink it.

How about showers, when is the water clear or clean enough to shower?

Public water systems are great, however when people pay for water, they will often find ways to not pay for water.

Nyahururu Kenya
East Africa
Friday, April 10, 2009

I was recently in the Riverside Hotel in Nanyuki, Kenya; I have been debating with myself now for the last few days. The Hotel is next to a river and as best I can tell the city has a public water system.

I have this bucket; it was made by cutting off the top of a five-gallon vegetable oil container. Now, many people think this is silly, however truly I know it is brilliance, I cannot remember the last time I had a cold shower.

Nonetheless, I was filling up this bucket in the Riverside Hotel room when I observed the water. Even though I had a stand up shower, I will still fill up the bucket, the water pressure was bad in this Hotel, and therefore a good dip shower is often better than a no pressure shower. With this system, I also am able to heat up the water to a better temperature if needed.

When I looked down into the bucket of water, it looked murky. This is highly unusual, I had notice the water in the toilet looked cloudy, so I decided to take a dipper of water directly out of the tap and see what it looked like.

The water is muddy looking, it looks like the water on the boat in the Amazon River, it truly is not clear or clean in appearance. I believe the Riverside Hotel was pumping the shower water directly from the river into the storage tanks to avoid paying for city or public water.

My bucket allowed me to discover this situation; it is hard to say whether it is a problem, however for sure it is not the best situation.

Skin fungus is a problem for traveler, a reason why people should try their best to take very hot showers.

What do you think is this water safe and healthy for a shower; I know I am not drinking it?

Travel Tip on Water Clarity Test