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Travel Stress in Liechtenstein

Travel Stress
Liechtenstein 6:15 AM Saturday, July 30 2005

I believe I have stress, maybe more than when I am home in Indiana, the stress of changing my snapshot of life daily. The constant new home, the constant change of relationships, the constant solitaire life.

I believe without my constant vigilance to avoid stress, and to make my life a higher quality I would go crazy. There are two types of goals travelers have that are very dangerous to a person’s health.

1. See as much as possible, do as much as possible
2. Do not do things that you do at home, like watch TV, read books, sit around and do nothing.

The more you do, the more stress, the less routine the more the stress.

This leads to mass drinking binges and drugs for travelers; a traveler does not have the support systems and the experiences a totally new life daily.

I am becoming more and more convinced that travel, or at least long-term travel such as I do is potentially a dangerous activity for the brain. I see for myself that I must be very careful and that I do have moments where I am too far into my head. I am a recovering alcoholic and I have learned and been taught forcibly that I need to take care of my mental status at all cost. This is not a normal goal of people, most are under the misconception that they can handle any amount of stress and they are perfect.

A person should not travel in Europe at the 2-day change place rate for more than two months; it could cause irreversible mental and emotional problems for the person. They especially should not become addicted to this lifestyle as some do; this is a super high stress with a real danger because of the extreme problems in creating a routine and support system.

I woke this morning at 6:00 am and took a shower, I am the only one in the Hotel at this time who is taking a shower, and I am not showering at night when the place is crazy with people, when there is no ability to control my world. I do not want control as much as I need the privacy. Anytime before 8:30 AM in the morning and the common showers are vacant, after that they steadily get busy until about 10:30 when maybe the morning shower people will take their showers.

I would love to actually log in the number of showers, however my guess is about 33 percent actually stop taking 50 percent of the showers they would normally take and stop washing clothes. Showers are about this; however, there are probably 70 percent of the travelers that stop washing their clothes properly. I know many stink, you can though avoid being clean for two months without any problems.

Stress though is the reason why people go home or stop traveling, not money or job, they need to go back to their home, and they need the womb of safety and routine.