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Travel Must be an Escape to a Better Life

2011-03-28 09:16:11

Encouraging people towards a better life is responsible, encouraging you to endure torture is irresponsible.

Change is a horrible experience, I have been watching the face of Bah, she is in agony and pretends she is not. She left her home in Ivory Coast, took a bus to Ghana and is living in a Hotel; the last week has been torture. Maybe I should say, she is on vacation, or traveling, I have encouraged her to travel and I feel bad. I encouraged her to move to a better situation, for a better life. It always feels the same to me, today she is still in agony, she needs to stay in one place for a week, and if her life is truly better, she will be grateful.

There is a war in Ivory Coast, and she is happy to leave, however, I until she stops moving, adapts, the travel equation is still lopsided.

Best Travel Movies?
I have an area on this site where I write about travel movies, a few minutes ago, I realized how prejudiced and biased my list is, there is little objectivity, and the list assumes you love travel.
Best Travel Movies

I would guesstimate, the Chevy Chase or National Lampoon's Vacation series alone, which portrays travel as constant problems was more popular than my whole list of movies. I try to separate and explain that travel is both good and bad, however normally travel is lumped as one, as if travel life is always good, while in reality there are three aspects to travel.
National Lampoon's Vacation series

Three Parts of Travel

1. The time it takes to travel to the destination. (BAD)
2. The time it takes to adapt to the new destination. (BAD)
3. The enjoyment of the destination. (GOOD)

3 > 1 + 2

Ghana, West Africa --- Monday, March 28, 2011

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The Travel Equation

3 > 1 + 2

The enjoyment of the destination needs to outweigh the negatives of the emotional pain of the trip there, and adapting to the new location. Translated, a one-week trip to Thailand from the USA could be the worst week of your life.

Bah purchased four bars of soap in Cape Coast, this is a Rubik’s Cube moment for me. I asked her again today,
"Why did you buy four bars of soap?"
She replied,
"Long time."

I believe this to mean, she wants to guarantee we have soap for a long time. Now please try to understand, Bah’s first language is French. Therefore, I talk with Bah 75 percent of the time in English and when I want to be sure she understands, I talk in French. This means I am never positive I understand her, especially when asking simple questions. I have been asking too many questions for years, and I know people do not enjoy trying to justify or explain their small decisions. I used to believe that everyone thought about decisions, however now I believe 90 percent of decisions are reactions to temptations, and only 10 percent were well thought out.

I believe she had the money, was tempted, and purchased enough soap that she would never feel insecure. She likes this soap, and I believe she wanted to feel safe, four bars made her feel safe, and I am happy, she feels affluent.

Three Ghana People have Called
I have not used my Ghana SIM card for three weeks, within the first two days of turning on the cell phone again three people in Ghana called me. I know they do not read the Blog, therefore this was almost eerie in nature, and do these people sit around calling numbers for something to do?

How many Parasites in Ghana Water?
There bags of drinking water in Ghana was tested.
Seventy-seven percent of the samples contained infective stages of pathogenic parasitic organisms. Common pathogens identified include, Microsporidia sp 14/27 (51.2%), Cryptosporidium parvum 17/27 (63.0%), Cyclospora cayetenensis 16/27 (59.3%), Sarcocystis sp. 18/27 (66.7%). Rotifers 5/27 (18.5%), and Charcoat Leyden crystals 12/27 (44.4%). Ninety-three percent of the samples contained unidentified impurities/artifacts. 29.6% of the samples contained at least one type of parasite, 14.8% contained at least 2 types of parasites, 25.9% contained at least three types of parasites, while 29.6% contained four types of parasites.

Travel Must be an Escape to a Better Life