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Travel Health while in Europe

2005-07-01 04:23:00

Travel Health
Photos of how to be clean and healthy when traveling in Europe.

Dirty Beds
CNN can be interesting, however always trying to create controversy, because only controversy sells. I was happy to watch this show this morning in Estonia about bacteria; it was informative, educational and enlightening. I am sure it makes people nervous to watch this type of show. To me I cannot be bothered to be nervous, and however I can become aware and cautious.

Travel Health
My travels have taught me the seriousness of living everywhere on the planet, I live in uncontrolled environments, and it is not possible to avoid everything.

I took a photo the other day and was pointing out in the Lett’em Sleep Hostel in Berlin and the Old Town Hostel in Tallinn, Estonia did not require sheets on the beds. Therefore, about 75 percent of the travelers did not rent sheet and slept on the bare mattress. This made one reader write me and explain that my lifestyle not tempting. Now this is a linear type of thinking, not seeing that I control my environment, I do not sleep on a mattress without a sheet. I am not so paranoid as to use a sleeping bag liner on all beds; however, I do have a sheet sack available when needed.

Fungus, molds, bacteria, plus pathogens that causes problems are everywhere, I am sure I am not using the correct words. However, I am a very clean person in comparison to the other 75 percent of travelers.

Europe has been taxing on my cleanliness, as it is more difficult here to stay clean. There is a strange lack of laundry facilities in the Hostels I have entered so far, the one I am in has one in the Kitchen, the one in Tallinn had a washer and no dryer, however the cost was five dollars U.S. just to wash one load.

If you watch close the photos, you would see that I washed my clothes in the sink at the Lett’em Sleep Hostels in Berlin.

Tips written… hehehe in September 23, 2002

Photos of buckets I think.
Why carry a bucket?

Prepared to wash my clothes.
I am presently carrying laundry soap, a bucket, a way to heat or boil the water, and a bucket to hold the water. I have some nylon cord to make into a clothesline. I am carrying 15 pairs or underclothes and 15 pairs of socks, this takes up a lot of space. I have three pairs of long pants, five pairs of shorts, people always tease me about the weight, and I would like to tease them about being pigs. They are not prepared to travel; on the other hand, I think they live this way when in their home. I have found that people have not learned much in life, and only behave when somehow they are forced to behave. Having less than 25 percent of people using sheets is a great cultural example of real people, your children.

The pigs sleeping on the mattress with no sheet in the Old Town Hostel in Tallinn, this was the same in the Lett’em Sleep in Berlin.

This is the bucket or bottom of a plastic gas can I cut off in Thailand so I could cook water to a point to kill all the problems, most of the world does not use hot water for washing. I decided that every third time I need to cook my clothes to keep fungus and molds for staying inside the cloth.

Europe does have more hot water for washing; however, they do not have hand wash facilities in Hostels, and this forces people to go to the laundry mat to clean their clothes. I find that most travelers just keep wearing their clothing and I have only seen one person off to the laundry.

In Asia and the Americas, you can pay to have your clothes washed and these services are standard in the Hotels or Hostel; however, they seem to be missing in Europe…. Are we more civilized, I think not?

I carry a nylon cord for a clothesline and clothes line clips to help, I use them all the time to hang up my towel. I would venture to guess I am the only person in the last three weeks that was carrying these items. Cleanliness is choice, however a failure to find a way, is a cultural indication of people, how they live and how they think.

We are just a couple of DNA away from being monkeys.

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