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Andy I was hoping you have finished your ultimate packback before I leave for Hanoi; via Manila, Hong Kong,Bangkok,Cambodia,Saigon. ETC.

One thing you can add for Security is a device I have seen that sets off and alarm when you are seperated from whatever you are trying to keep your eyes(laptop,backpack,girlfriend). More than 10 meters it goes off. You can just turn it off when you know you can relax. It is kept on your keychain to activate and deactivate.
anyway looking forward to your creation.
P.S. I hope it floats? Am I the only farang that gets on overloaded Filipino ferries? ;)
PPS Thanks for the Quito info it was very helpful
Sean K

Hello,> > Quick question.> Where did you find this?

Andy,Backpack alarm.It is similar to this one>....
You could be modify it to get better range and itdoesn't nessasarly need to be in a laptop...I willfind you the right one..just to busy right now...oh and you could have the Andy's ultimate 2 007backpack. Make part of it out of Kevlar to stopshrapnel and bullets..seriously... I have hid my headbehind my backpack/suitcase more than once...only tothink later...this would not have helped and it is sohard to get blood stains out.;)Oh and the new cell phones can be tracked gps...smallextra fee of big do you want a heater? That one your working onlooks mighty dodgey :)Kelly---

No problem...and there are some portable securitydevices you can put on you door too (wireless)....Ipicked some up for same way but theyare almost disposable like 8 for 10 dollars....onlyworks very short distance like open doors andwindows,but it gives you enough time to see who killedyou or ripped you off..:) I want to be one of thefirst travelers with your backpack.....make it floatand keep my one white pressed shirt clean ...Love you,not in a gay way.In a hobo way,

Hello Thank for the link,> Very good.> > I am not going to have my backpack for a couple of> months at least. I need to buy some zippers and> snaps,> that I can only find in the USA.> > I will buy and bring to a country and make, so I can> guarantee the quality.> > Sorry if you need soon.> > Andy>

I was talking a couple of years ago about a device like this, however this one is 90 Dollars too much, still a great idea.

POST comments if you know of similar systems, thanks Sean for the REALLY GREAT opinions, they will help me make the perfect backpack.