Travel Drives People Insane

I call it "Losing the Plot."

What do you call foreigners who dress up funny, I was told the word is "trustafarian," however there has to be a better word.

Trustafarian: One Definition
Portmanteau of trust fund and rastafarian. A hippie poser. Essentially a rich kid who smokes weed, wears hats designed to hold dreads when he in fact has none, and uses the word "peace" to say bye.
Money can't buy hippieness, you stupid trustafarian!

Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Wednesday, May 5, 2010
By Andy Graham of


Travel convinces men to carry purses and wear dresses, I told someone,
"They are drinking the water."

These Are Not Trust Fund Kids
Yes, the urban dictionary sort of describes these boys as Trustafarians. I do not buy this definition; I do not think these two are living off a trust fund; however, the first does indeed have dreads.

Lately, I have been interviewing the people in Pana their opinions of this, and so far, I am the only one that thinks of it is strange. I have to deduce, if I am the only one that thinks it is crazy, then I am the person who is crazy. I know dressing in normal western clothing from the USA could be considered an act of rebellion here in Guatemala.

Yes, I am quite sure, travel causes mental illness, and the sad part is I am not joking.

Travel Drives People Insane