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2010-04-03 06:35:14

When you buy on the internet, how do you know if the online internet company is honest or a crook? I have a problem that needs a solution, first I know I can trace domain names, I often use this page:

Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Saturday, April 3, 2010
By Andy Graham of


I am the owner or person who registered the name ""
My name is Andy Graham, what I want to know is,
"How many domains do I own?"

I know how many I own…
I want an internet page that tells me.

The Problem
There are people who buy dozens if not hundreds of domain names. These people will spam the directory with Domain Name, not a different page, the same site with a different domain.

I am able to Trace Domain Names and find the name of the person. I then want to enter the name of the person into a form, clicks submit, and the page gives me a list of all the domains owned by this person or email address.

Clever People are my Enemy
If a person has multiple tricky and too clever domain names maybe we ban them.

How many domain names do I own?
How did you figure this out?

The world is overwhelming clever, a person needs to know how to Trace Domain Names for their own protection. When something feels tricky, clever or difficult, I leave, what is the point...?

Trace Domain Name

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