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Tourist Restaurant Punishments Travel Tip

Generally, if you want incredibly bad service, go overseas to tourist restaurant. The only solution is to cook your own food, you cannot change the world.

However, a little payback is good fun.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Monday, February 22, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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I accept 90 percent of the time; I cannot change people places or things. However, for sport, this seems like a great idea. Quid pro Quo, you do to me, I give to you, and not the right thing to do, they should have left 25 minutes ago, but accepted and volunteered for bad service.

Tipping Outside the USA
First of all this is almost exclusively a USA cultural phenomena, and you should not and do not need to TIP.


In addition, in tourist areas, they will always say you need to TIP; it is the nature of the beast, an ugly part of the planet, not the beautiful swan part.

Generally, great service is not possible outside your home country. It is not fair and not possible for people who come from some primitive country to suddenly develop manners. If you want a truly great restaurant, then go home. If you want truly great food in another country, start to eat street food and forget the restaurant, the best place to get food poisoning as they unload the three-day-old food on unsuspecting tourist. Restaurants overseas do not lose money because food spoils; it is not part of their cultural makeup.

All in all, I never say anything, I just walk out, and try to find smiling faces, the first clue to a healthy and happy person.

If I was really clever, mean, naughty and mischievous, I would use fish emulsion, that fertilizer for plants to make this sign. I am presently at one of the biggest tourist traps I have ever encountered, these thoughts float in and out of my brain.

Tourist Restaurant Punishments Travel Tip


The picture was too funny. I really don't understand tipping in the US. Why can't we just pay our waiters what they deserve and not make it up to the customers to help support the bosses lack of pay? Also why do they automatically charge you a "tip" for parties over 8? Don't you think the restaurant would be happy they had a big group? Also, I don't get why some restaurants automatically now add 18. Why 18, when did we decide 18 was the right amount? Anyhow, don't get me wrong I don't blame the waiters. It isn't their fault they get paid less than minumum wage, I just don't see why it is that way.


This is a good tip: just walk out. The tourist restaurants on this planet are atrocious -- a tourist is an expendable client, they are here today and gone tomorrow. It does not matter if you give them good service because they are just going to leave anyway.

One of the two times that I ate in a restaurant in Sosua, I had to wait over an hour for my food to be cooked.

Good suggestion, just walk out.