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Top 5 Global Airline Booking Sites 2011

I am here in Ghana trying to book an airline flight from Accra to Chicago. These five booking sites will allow me to search for a flight.

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Top Five Airline Booking Sites
I am pointing out the top five sites that allow you to price airline tickets globally. This means if you walked into an Internet Café anywhere on the planet, with these sites below you have the optimal chance of finding a flight effectively, efficiently and in a timely manner. This does not mean the site is actually going to allow you to purchase the ticket.

| Vayama.com |

| Skyscanner.net |

| Dohop.com |

| Kayak.com |

| Mobissimo.com |

Last minute discovery:

| Bing.com |

Ghana, West Africa --- Sunday, April 17, 2011

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I am in Ghana, West Africa in April of 2011.
To be called a global airline booking site, the site needs to be helpful worldwide. I am presently in one of the scam capitals countries of the planet. Maybe Nigeria is the epicenter, nonetheless, Ghana is a great place to test airline booking sites.

I did a search for a flight from Accra, Ghana to London, England for May 5, 2011. These sites below refused to allow me to check air ticket prices. There are many variables involved, however in my best estimation these sites are not helping on a truly international or global airfare level, more or less they wish to take the cream off the top, and ignore countries where you truly need help.

| Orbitz.com |
| Cheapoair.com |
| Onetravel.com |
| Hotwire.com |
| Priceline.com |
| Cheaptickets.com |
| Expedia.com |
| Travelocity.com |
| Tripadvisor.com |

"Ghana, if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere."
- Thanks Andy Graham 2011

Top 5 Global Airline Booking Sites 2011


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