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Too Much Time and Money to Maintain

2010-05-09 07:42:18

People that believe in the 500 Dollar paradise have learned a lesson. We do not buy things; we do not buy stuff, because it takes too much time and money to maintain them.

French Press

Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Sunday, May 9, 2010
By Andy Graham of


I Have to Mow the Lawn
I have walked up to many a friend and asked,
"You want to go get a cup of coffee?"
They say,
"I need to mow the lawn."
I think to myself,
"I wish they would sell that house."

Do I Need Things
One of the best reasons to travel is to break the habit of buying, I have just a backpack. Yes, I still buy things, but I have realized, I cannot carry or pack all that stuff into my backpack when I lave. Moreover, for sure I am too cheap to send things home, that place where I have not lived for 12 years… I accept, nobody cares what I own, nobody wants to hear, or listen to me tell him or her what I purchased, I have more friends when I do not brag about what I own.

It is depressing to throw away many things I have purchased when I move onto a new location, finally I have learned by traveling to buy what I need, not what I want.

Too Much Time and Money to Maintain