Too Much Time and Money to Maintain

People that believe in the 500 Dollar paradise have learned a lesson. We do not buy things; we do not buy stuff, because it takes too much time and money to maintain them.

French Press

Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Sunday, May 9, 2010
By Andy Graham of


I Have to Mow the Lawn
I have walked up to many a friend and asked,
"You want to go get a cup of coffee?"
They say,
"I need to mow the lawn."
I think to myself,
"I wish they would sell that house."

Do I Need Things
One of the best reasons to travel is to break the habit of buying, I have just a backpack. Yes, I still buy things, but I have realized, I cannot carry or pack all that stuff into my backpack when I lave. Moreover, for sure I am too cheap to send things home, that place where I have not lived for 12 years… I accept, nobody cares what I own, nobody wants to hear, or listen to me tell him or her what I purchased, I have more friends when I do not brag about what I own.

It is depressing to throw away many things I have purchased when I move onto a new location, finally I have learned by traveling to buy what I need, not what I want.

Too Much Time and Money to Maintain


The first time I took off I left STUFF with friends and rented a storage space. Finally in my late 20s after dumping the STUFF at a flea market and giving the rest away to Salvation Army. It had cost U$1000 / year for the space and the STUFF when dumped sold for only U$400+. Since then I advise people to sell or give away their STUFF before traveling or relocating to a new country and replace it later, only when they settle down somewhere they can replace it. It's AMAZING how attached people are to their STUFF. I've noticed new TV programs featuring it as a nationwide almost cultural characteristic in the States with their "makeover" drama about getting rid of their STUFF. It takes most people a few months to get ready for a move overseas but the money from selling their STUFF can usually pay for their first year abroad.

We are planning to travel with oversized daypacks without more than two changes of extra clothing and can easliy buy what we need anywhere in S. E. Asia and India.