Too Many Photos of Philippines Children

2009-09-29 20:38:37

Too Many Photos of Philippines Children
I suppose it is time to leave Manila, I am taking too many pictures of Filipino children playing.

Malate Ermita Mabini Philippines
Southeast Asia
Wednesday, September 30, 2009

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My mother wrote me and said,
“This picture of the small child up close is the best picture of a child you have ever taken I think. You took a picture of the African children in the water helping their mommies wash clothes and I have always kept that one.”
- Mom

Mom was referring to the Philippines photo on this page:
Philippines Street Children

This is the Africa Photo she is referring to when my Mother said
“African children in the water helping their mommies wash clothes.”

This photos was taken in a very special place, surrounded by love, the children were too cute, too loving and too happy. I was in Togo West Africa up on the mountains near the border of Ghana, all I can remember if good.

Here is the post I made:
Togo West Africa

Here is a link to an absolutely beautiful little African girl standing in the river that I feel is special. However is special to me because maybe in my minds eye the story is wrapped in the beautiful West Africa cultural experience of girls wearing beads around their waist.
Beads around Waist of Small Girl in Togo Africa









Even for me enough is enough, I have 21 more days to spend in the Philippines before my plane leaves. I need a Hotel in a wonderful place for about 600-1200 Pesos, free unlimited high-speed internet in my room.

Suggestion are needed, I do not want to take these types of photos.

September 30, 2009

Too Many Photos of Philippines Children

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