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Tobacco Photos in Philippines

2009-08-24 06:15:20

Tobacco Photos in Philippines
I have been visiting the Bauang Central Market almost daily it is full things my Mother would like to see. I am sure she is bored reading about my Medical problem.

My Mother is an old woman; I suppose the photo of this old woman showing me tobacco will give her a laugh. I think this old woman is younger, but looks older than my Mother; my Mother is I think 75 or 76.

The Philippines culture is a mash of both modern and primitive, I find many of the same type of products being sold here as I did in Ethiopia, East Africa or say Bolivia, South America.

Bauang - Paringao - San Fernando, Philippines
La Union Province
Southeast Asia
Monday, August 24, 2009


Nobody in the whole area spoke English; I tried to ask where they were growing this tobacco. The Philippine are sporting, they love their photos taken. I can take a Jeepney for 8 Pesos from my Hotel to the Market, it is an enjoyable trip, I can socialize with about 1 in 10 people on the Jeepney, and this means 1 in 10 speaks enough English to talk with me a little.

The girls at the Dunkin Donuts told me that Bauang has a market on Thursday and Sunday.

Hoz want me to take photos of food, I found a typical food diner up on the second floor, there are many. There is also enough light to video the food. I am now looking for a person who speaks English to go with me and explain all the foods. I tried at the “Comedor” type restaurants, but nobody spoke English.

Tobacco, all types, I kept asking, is this for chewing, is this grown here, is this and that, etc?

I am doing the same things with Coffee, except the girls who sell the coffee beans spoke some English. Tomorrow…

Note if your best friend tells you everyone in the Philippines speaks English, assume he is towing along beside him a small girls to help. I am often amazed at how little interface there is between the Expats and the locals, face, but not interface.

Tobacco Photos in Philippines