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Time Traveler on a Wharf in Haiti

2009-11-18 15:42:55

I went down a small dark path, towards the water. I felt like I was traveling in time, the building were tight. I found a narrow street barely wide enough for a horse and carriage. I looked left, I looked right and I say the water, I walked towards the water and I was there.

On the Wharf in Miragroane, Haiti with wooden sailboats, strong black me carrying bundles and women selling vegetables and fruits. A few hardy travelers were lying on the bags, waiting to depart to the island of Ganave. (Ile de la Ganave)

I talked with a girl in the video below, she spoke good French, there is maybe 200,000 people living on the Ile de la Ganave. Why am I here, maybe I can speak French thereā€¦? I truly have nobody to talk with; I can buy water, bread and say hello, then full stop.

Miragoane, Haiti - Ayiti - Wednesday, November 18, 2009
Travel Gear

Quite a marvelous sailboat made of wood loading and unloading, in my world a sailboat hast has to be made of fiberglass, or maybe it is not safe.

There was stranded wire cable that held the front and back of the mast.

A good video, hectic, twisted, short and sweet.


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Two Thumbs Up,
I am in Haiti.

Time Travelers on a Wharf in Haiti