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Tigers Woods Analyzed by a Recovering Alcoholic

As of February 12, I have been sober for 23 years; I am a dysfunctional person in some form of remission. I sincerely hope the majority of my dysfunctional behaviors are less. Let me first say, for you to care deeply about Tiger Woods is dysfunctional, unless you are a person friend of him. To be angry, to raise your voice, to think more than passing about Tiger, is often you connecting your self or self esteem to another, not functionally having your own.

Tiger Wood came on Television and admitted something, what is my opinion?

First My Admission
I Andy Graham am an Alcoholic
I Andy Graham a Dysfunctional person.
I had four DWI, and spent one year on house arrest.
I lost my drivers license for 10 years.
I filed Bankruptcy

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Saturday, February 20, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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What Tiger Needs to Say

1. I am an adulterer.
2. I am a liar.
3. I believed I was God, superior to other people.

I am not sure I care whether he says he is a Sex Addict; this is just the symptom of his being a liar and feels superior above normal society.

There is a saying,
"Walk the walk and talk the talk."

What does this mean, not a lot, just a good saying…a guide.

1. Tiger Woods was talking the talk, about 70 percent of the time in the press conference, he did not claim strong statements as I did above, and did not own them 100 percent.

2. Talk the Talk is him talking, the more he repeats strong admissions the better, then one day he will accept them and live them. This is not an event, it is a process, he still does not believe what he said yesterday, He will believe it after he says it for the rest of his life; he needs to apologize to his wife for the rest of his life.

(Hmm, I apologize to all the people I hurt, note I went and lived in the gutter, many of you married people bring the gutter into your house with your wife and children.)

3. Walk the Walk is difficult, I highly doubt Tiger Woods will continually walk the walk and tell people of his dysfunctional behaviors whereby he can keep his lies in remission. Everyone is dysfunctional, it is on a continuum, maybe Jesus is the least and Charles Manson is the worst, and you are somewhere in the middle, if you think you are not at all, they you for sure have many dysfunctional behaviors, the first is denial.

A person must have a rigorous, strict, and no excuses approach to honesty. Contrary to any crap readers think, as a recovering alcoholic, I do not have the luxury of misrepresenting the truth in this travel journal. My truthfulness is what keeps me from putting a shotgun in my mouth; my honesty keeps me from having delusional evaluations of reality. Then again, I must also admit, it is possible I am dysfunctional delusional in my interpretation of the real world.

What is my opinion of Tiger Woods?
This is Day One, we will only know if he is telling the truth when he dies.

Will Andy Graham of ever drink again? I am in remission; I will know I stopped for the rest of my life on the day I die. As for the today, I have a simple goal, one day at a time I stay sober…

NOTE: Please so not think of this as a task, I have 23 years under my belt, the last thing I think about is staying sober, it is not work. Nevertheless, as you can see, I am Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk. Please do not congratulate me or Tiger, there should be no reward for stopping being a jerk.

Life is good, and a grateful person does not get drunk.

A person always has to worry about a grown man that walks around hitting a little ball. A person always needs to worry about anybody that wants or needs fame.

Tigers Woods Analyzed by a Recovering Alcoholic


I personally don't think Tiger Woods owes the public an appology. His family, for sure. His sponsers maybe, but that is it. Tiger Woods doesn't owe anyone else an appology and I am not sure what kind of society we believe in that thinks he does. People make mistakes and people do bad things. It happens and people should pay for it in one way or another, but there was no harm against society in what Tiger did. Well, there was that tree..Ok, Tiger Woods owes an appology also to the tree he ran into, but that's it! I am not saying I condone in any way or form what Tiger did, but I am just saying that what he did didn't affect me, nor did it affect most people who watch him play. I don't get why we have to call athletes role models. Tiger Woods is a pro golpher and that is it. If he does his job well he should get paid, and if he does it bad he shouldn't get paid. It is just like any other job. If I was Tiger Woods I would be personally offended that the Pro Golphers Association snubbed his press event. Yes, they were going to just be props, but in my opinion, they owe it to Tiger Woods big time. There have been a lot of golphers out there, but none have done what Tiger Woods has done for the sport of golf.


BTW I mean to say Golfers not Golphers (stupid auto-incorrect...). If there was a Pro Golphers Association I think they would be really mad at Tiger Woods, but just because of all the vibration he causes with his irons and not because of this latest scandal.