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Throwing Pickles in Ivory Coast

Many countries serve sliced pickles at every meal. However, I cannot give away a Cornichon Pickle here in Grand Bassam. The Cote d’Ivoire people seem to despise them, I say to them,
"Pas de probleme, jetez."
"No problem, throw it."

I took the lid off the Jar, passed them around to six Cote d’Ivoire friends, not one of them ate the pickle, and only one person tried it. One normal-fat women grimaced, and finally

She threw the pickle out towards the street, landing in the sand.

Lidia shows me she can carry the Pickle Jar on her head.

Grand Bassam, Quartier Françoise
Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa --- Saturday, October 16, 2010


Benedict says,
"I want the Jar, after you eat."

Authentic Behavior
There is pretentiousness in the modern worlds, somehow we convince ourselves to acquire a taste for foods that suck. I have never eaten Caviar, and I dread the day, I know someone would say,
"This Caviar cost 100 Dollars, you must try it."
Moreover, I would taste and say,
--- The truth ----

There childlike honesty with my friends here in Grand Bassam, Ivory Coast.

This Pickle was labeled a "Cornichon" the dictionary translates it as a "Gherkin." I am not going to pretend to know or care about pickles, there are some sweet ones I truly like, and these are not them. I sort of like these pickle, I can eat half the jar before wanting to "jetez." The cost of can of vegetables here in Ivory Coast is two dollars, the Pickles cost one dollar, and I think I purchase a healthy priced food.

There is this mythical explanation of Africa that would lead you to believe they are hungry, in reality, the women after age 25 are rather fat. The people are continuously eating, yes, they have been eating the same 5-10 foods for years, and refuse to try new ones, but they eat and eat and eat, just not always the best combination of vitamins and nutrients.

Video Below

Video of Frederick throwing the pickle, this was stage after the fact, he does not speak French or English, he speaks Nizema.

Can you guess what this boy is saying to me?
Click Here to Learn what he is saying.

Throwing Pickles in Ivory Coast


Funny, its like in Mexico everyone told me that rootbeer was like cough syrup to them and in Argentina people thought I was crazy for wanting butter and salt on my popcorn.


I truly hate pickles... it is a constant topic of disagreement between me and my friends from central/ eastern Europe and Russia. I remember my first McDonald's burger, biting into the pickle slice, grimacing, and throwing the pickle.
I throw the pickle.