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The World Needs Finishing Schools

2010-05-02 07:00:16

Did you know Princess Diana went to a Finishing School in Switzerland?

I have been thinking… a few of my friends need to focus on Charisma and Manners; they need to learn to turn on the charm and sell themselves better.

Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Saturday, May 1, 2010
By Andy Graham of


Why I Would Quit Traveling
I was raised in Orland, Indiana, where generally folks of the Greatest Generation set the standards of behavior, and those with no manners moved onto to the big cities. Moreover, if we were lucky they moved to New York or California leaving us civilized being in their wake.

I miss the manners of Orland, Indiana, I truly do not appreciate good manners, and I lose respect for people with bad manners. Generally, I need to avoid large cities and close personal contact with locals in some cultures to relax.

Real Story of Local Guatemalan Behavior
I was on the boat yesterday traveling from Jaibalito, a small village on Lake Atitlan to Panajachel, Guatemala the center of tourism on the lake. An indigenous women with her child was sitting next to me, when the boat docked, I started to stand up, but because I can always feel my Mother and Fathers presence I remained seated, I needed to allow this mother to leave the boat before me. She stands, looks around, bends her head over and spit’s a long goober on to the deck of the boat.

I got a little weak, tried not to look down or think, I waited for her to debark, and I proceeded to walk around where she spat and left the boat.

Shaking Hands
I have had a few foreigners in Panajachel ask,
"Why do you always shake hands and include your last name, why not just Andy?"

I think it is bad manners to explain…

The World Needs Finishing Schools