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The World Changing Internet Service of Verizon Wireless

2010-12-12 01:36:18

I have been perpetually roaming the planet for 12 years and 88 countries, I am like a man without a home or country but I am 100 percent in touch, sometimes too much. 2011 is the year that when the world will truly become connected, the deals will be made, they will be finished in 2011, what a year to remember in the history of the world. The year when a person in Ghana on cell phone can update their Facebook, but not have electricity in their home.

I have a BlackBerry Bold in my possession, it was given to me by Verizon Wireless to test, write about and review. I will review about any product, but made up my mind to only explain the good, not the bad, there are too many bad products or service out there to get started talking bad.

The world is becoming one global community as Bill Gates so inspirationally is aware, but Verizon is providing the Wireless network that makes this true, they are arranging he partnership deals that is making Wireless Internet seamless possible.

Verizons Global E-mail / Internet Access

For about 10-11 years of my perpetual traveler’s journey, I was outside, looking in at the USA and the rest of the world. I lived in little boxes, called countries, I would be in one local area, in one small country and all my knowledge and experience was encapsulated to the local area. If I was in Taxco, Mexico, the only thing I knew about was Taxco, Mexico. There could be a holiday in the USA and might not even know it existed.

Ho, Ghana West Africa --- Sunday, December 12, 2010


What is Verizon’s Global E-mail Money Value to Me?
How much money is it worth to have Global Internet Access? I mean, I have the benefit with Verizon’s Global Email package for 69 Dollars, effectively costing 100 dollars per month to a user to e-mail back my mother from anywhere in 220 countries. This means the planet, I can receive and answer an e-mail on the BlackBerry Bold while sitting for hours on a bus to Timbuktu, Mali, not that I want to go there, but I could.

How much money?
Because I have an Internet business, I would pay more, so for me it is roughly 10 dollars per day, and I would need to think 20. I will pay close to 300 dollars per month, if you could give me Internet in my room anywhere on the planet, this is what I now have.

However, it only cost 100 Dollar per month, and I am sitting here in a city called Ho, Ghana on a Sunday morning typing about what I think, and what I am grateful for… I want to thank Verizon for giving me this BlackBerry Bold. Now, I am never clear on how they view Tethering a computer to the service with, but this magnifies the Global E-mail package tenfold, and the ease and comfort of use is magnified.

I try to study the Mac Iphone packages in the USA, and it appears that only ATT is allowed to use the Iphone, which is just another brand of Smartphone. However, they have cooked their goose, the non-Verizon global email packages make you arrange service in every country. Now, that is just not what I am going to do here in Africa. if you think the Telephone company bureaucracy sucks in the USA, take that and make it 20 times worst and in a different language. It is easier to walk into an internet café. Somehow, Verizon has made arrangements and partner agreements with 220 cellular providers around the planet, and I can just change my setting to point at one of them.

Here in Ghana, I can point at either MTN or Zain, and I believe, whatever that is, and I do not need to know, if I have access, I am happy, I do not need to know why.

How much money would I pay for my daughter to write e-mails to me?
I do not have a daughter, but I can feel the fears of parents, and if I had a daughter traveling around in Africa in some childlike zest to experience life, I would be too afraid that she might be hurt to talk about it. I would also pay 10-20 dollars per day, this is value to feel safe that a member of my family is ok and is safe.

My parents are older, they make me nervous some times, my Father has cancer, it is negotiable whether it is in remission or lurking around. Although Ghana seems a long way away to you, I am really only about 24 hours away by plane at any give moment. If I needed, I could fly back to Indiana from anywhere on the planet within 24 hours, if truly a problem, then maybe about 30 hours.

However, you then add the time to be notified by E-mail
With the Verizon BlackBerry Bold Global E-mail service, I only need to add on a possible eight extra hours of sleep time. I could be asleep for 8 hours and not check my e-mail, but if I am awake I am in touch with my family, I am not emotionally and mentally out of touch.

Can you hear me Mom and Dad, I can hear you?

We take a telephone call often to be an annoyance, we receive too many e-mails and we become angry. Well, go live in a box as I did 10 years ago, away from communication with your family and friends and you will be grateful for telephone and emails. I did not go traveling to leave my friends; I went travel to find more friends, and to enjoy the planet. Now, I have the best of both worlds, I keep all my friends from all over the planet, they are never more than an e-mail away.

E-mail Seems Difficult
Now that may seem far, yes, they would need to e-mail me. However, I can then walk into any Internet café, log into and call the for two cents per minute, what a great time to be alive, life is good.

How much influence does it mean to have a free BlackBerry to use? Read, it is maybe a 4, but I really think a 1

The World Changing Internet Service of Verizon Wireless