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The Wanna Follow Group

The Wanna Follow Group
A person or company can earn millions or billions of dollars by appealing to a group me and Boy Genius from India are calling the
“Wanna Follow Group.”

Chuck wrote in a comment about wanting to tap into the
“Fountain of never-ending Internet money.”

Thursday, October 8, 2009

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Yesterday a man from England explained,
“When a person accepts they must work to earn money, they can start to earn money.”

I read there is new slang calling the youth the
“So Gen.”

The “Social Generation,” whereby people are connecting with Social Networks such as,, Friendster and the other new one that is started today. I feel anti-social because I refuse to join everyone that invades my email box.

A French guy working in Manila said,
“Communication is destroying communication.”

Ok, I admit, I have floater…
A “floater,” happens when I am hard at work in the morning while I am working on my computer, tweaking and slowly evolving and to better levels.

As I work away in my self-absorbed computer hypnotic state created when I look at a computer screen, I have thought that floats across my mind.
“’Today the wanna follow group finds my Internet Sites.”

I feel like a Gold Miner with my donkey, we wake up every morning; I grab my pick and shovel, take the hobble off the donkey and the two of us ramble on down to the creek bed. Whereby, I proceed to toil away by the sweat of my brow because a dream is pushing at my backside.

I blame this all on Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, eating that apple doomed me to a life of endless work. Or more correctly, I am grateful to have something to do all day to pass my days away, I have a few projects to keep my mind busy and out of trouble.

Who is the “Wanna Follow Group?”

When a person tells me,
“You need to get on”
“You need to use”
“You should get rid of Yahoo Mail and switch to Gmail.”
“FireFox is better than Internet Explorer.”
“Chrome is better than FireFox.”

I want to join the group, I want to fit in, I want to follow the group, I want to be part of the
“Wanna Follow Group.”

Another Expat here in the Philippines said,
“Sayings and slogans structure the lives of Filipinos.”

A Filipino girl sent a text message,
“If you come across something good, you should hold on and never let it go… Life offers you a thousand chances; all you have to do is take one.”

The fountain of never-ending Internet money comes when an internet site taps the wanna follow group that are busying following to follow you.
I told Boy Genius,
“real value always has real value.”

I like to talk, it is my avocation in life, I am amazed how many people are too busy to talk, I told someone.
“I must be rich, I am never busy.”

I was takiing you down a confusing path, were you able to find the correct one?

The Wanna Follow Group


Yes, I am bored out of my mind here in the Philippines and ready for some adventure. I am in better health, I have repaired my webpages and I am ready for bear or even Rhine. I go to the USA on 21 of October, I have the ticket and anxious to leave. 2009. I have been doing some essential work on the site and the money has doubled in the time I have been here, sorry, I must earn enough money to travel also, truly an annoyance this money thing.