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The Type of Travelers who Make 100’s of Friends

Each day, I become more aware of the type of people I love to meet worldwide. I want to meet people who talk with everyone, say hello to everyone, and do not get bent out of shape when someone is radically different. However, are wise, savvy and intelligent enough to have good boundaries, and not become one of the crazies who lose the plot.

Story of Photo of Chicken:
I was riding in a bus in Ghana with Bah my Ivory Coast girlfriend, I saw a couple of children looking at the bus pass by, so I put my hand out the window and waved at them. She looked at me in frustration saying,
"Why do you wave at everyone?"
"You are crazy, you wave and say hello to anyone,"
"Big, small, ugly, old, a chicken or dog."

I was never sure if she was proud of me or angry with me, but trust me, I continue to smile and say hello, it just seems wise to have a personality, or maybe to be a real person.
---- End of Story -----

I am working diligently on my book, it is such a great feeling to think clearly, to realize who I am, and why I am such a lucky person. I am very grateful to be alive today, living such a good life, that I want to share with everyone in a book. I want to share with people how they can come and share the good life the same as me.

I complain about tourists, always knowing I am in some way the biggest tourist on the planet, but I am not a tourist, I am guy that goes and meets new friends, but accidentally look at tourist attractions.

My mother wanted me to call the book "The Search," she knows I have been searching the planet for something now for over 13 years, and my father and mother just sit patiently watching, listening and reading, probably asking the question.
"What is Andy searching for?"

Sosua, Dominican Republic (Adult Community or Expats)
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of HoboTraveler.com | Gadget Profile


Writing many Travel Writers with No Luck
I know hundreds of travel writers, I know an extreme amount of people who have traveled to over 25 countries. I have been writing these folk, many have traveled continuously for over three years, but what a breakthrough in my understanding.

My Stereotype was extremely off base
My assumption:
"I assumed, that if a person traveled for a year or more, they would stop in places, get stuck, make some good friends that would be difficult to leave. Why did I think this, well, every city I enter, I make one to five friends that I like to talk with, then I sort of get stuck, I like these people, I like to meet up with them daily, talk, shoot the breeze, and learn about their world.

That is me, I say hello to everyone, I care about the people, more than the place.

Well, I have been writing many people, and it appears that most were on some elongated tourists trip, where the were collecting a list of things they wanted to see on the planet. I on the other hand have collect a list of friends on the planet.

It is easy now to understand why the do not write back good, often people were of no value to them, only the ability to say, I seen this or that.

I like people who? And I am searching for people who?

Have lived in 5-20 places world wide for at least a month or two, but not for years. Mostly just curious, and wanted to know a lot of people in a lot of places, knew by moving we would never be boring.

1. We like to live the good life, we are never busy, and truly like to read books, and talk too much.
2. We like to hang around in many cities of the planet for a long time with groups of friends.
3. Most have moved around the planet from three to 15 years.
4. Like to live in places where we feel rich, where the cost of living is cheap, we do not like to sit around getting reservations and counting our pennies, we do not plan much, we live a life of serendipity.
5. Speak a couple of languages, because we have no choice.

If you know of people who fit this description, then please send them my contact information, maybe they can be included my book, they are my type of people. (I am going to write at least 5-10 books.)

People who go and make friends with the world.!

hoboontheroad AT

Or just tell them to search for Hobo Traveler on Google.com.

The Type of Travelers who Make 100’s of Friends

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