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The Positive Reason to be in Guatemala

2011-07-22 07:27:31

It is very easy to find a hard working person in Guatemala.

"I guess the moral here is: you must be careful what you pretend to be because in the end you are who you're pretending to be."
- Quote from movie "Mother Night."

In my opinion, it is quite easy to find people of "strong character" in Guatemala.

Lago Atitlan, Guatemala
(One of the perfect climates and most beautiful locations on earth.)
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of HoboTraveler.com | Gadget Profile


Yesterday, I was having a conversation with a new friend by the name of Richard, he used two words in a way that was enlightening. I was thinking, and saying some truly negative comment about the tourists or travelers in Guatemala.
"They are a bunch of metro-sexual wimps."

As best I remember, he said.
"Yes, there are some soft characters."

Soft Character versus people of Strong Character
I went searching about, and found a few pages about the "Six Pillars of Character."

1. Trustworthiness

2. Respect

3. Responsibility

4. Fairness

5. Caring

6. Citizenship

He is right to instruct and guide me to use the words "soft characters," and not to think of them as a bunch of metro-sexual wimps. Note, I believe that anyone that spends years trying to dread their hair, decorate their body, and wearing clothes that stick out like a sore thumb to be people be another version of metro-sexuals. The people have soft character, they are screaming at other people, look at me, that is not strong character.

The one things I respect most about Guatemalans.
When I am walking down the road and meet a person from Guatemala, they say,
I say,

Sometimes they are shy, but I got about a 99 percent chance if I say hello, they will respond and say hello.

I just cannot grant respect to any human that can ignore a hello from another person on the planet. How do you ignore a happy thought? It takes and extreme hold onto something ugly to do that.

Now what is up with this quote above?
"I guess the moral here is: you must be careful what you pretend to be because in the end you are who you're pretending to be."
- Quote from movie "Mother Night."
If you are pretending to give respect to people who do not deserve respect, then who are you? I want to listen to people, and not pretend, or try to agree just to keep the peace. This is the damage done by political correctness, everyone apologizes, and avoids telling the truth, and this empower them of low character to thrive.

This again can all be shortened to
"Avoid the idiots, and surround yourself by people you respect."

This movie "Mother Night" was a great example why we must weigh the words we use, because each word has weight and defines us. However, the thought in your head may have 10 times more value than the ones you say.

It is easy to find hard working people on planet earth, who get up every day and do simple jobs like the boy above carrying the fruit for his family. If you pass a boy like this, say hello, you will find a boy who is quick to smile. If I cannot elicit smile and laughter from my fellow man, then
"I just say no."

The Positive Reasons to be in Guatemala

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