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The Pain of Childbirth Travel Tip

The Pain of Childbirth Travel Tip
If women could remember the pain of childbirth they would never have another baby. Many readers have a vacation view of travel, 8 days, and 7 nights in a resort, if there is any problem it is time to go home.

Gitarama, Rwanda
East Africa
Monday, May 25, 2009


The squat toilet for my 2000 Franc room in Byumba, Rwanda, this is the pain of childbirth, and I hope to forget it.

I can slowly walk around behind the toilet.

This is the new child being born to me in Rwanda, hopefully I can remember this long after the pains of Africa are forgotten.

Readers say to go home, I would like to know where my home is, I am not on vacation, I have been living and traveling for over 11 years. Where am I supposed to go? Today, I live here, this is my home. I do not have a home to return to, I have moved away, I have moved on.

If you want to travel with no pain, then you are on vacation.

I enjoy traveling in Africa, however I do not pull the punches, and I feel it would be negligent if I painted a rosy picture of this place. One of you is planning a trip to Africa; I try to explain the situation so there are no surprises.

The Pain of Childbirth Travel Tip


In the Nepal Embassy, London, England, there used to be a slogan above where they wanted you to queue for a visa (there was noone there when I went, hehe)

The Mystical Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal... A place that lingers in your dreams long after you have left

Very true statement. My dreams remind me of the beautiful mountains and villages. My dreams do not remind me of squatting to crap for the 8th time in a day because of altitude, after trekking for 8 hours and your leg muscles screaming all the way through, threatening to drop you into the toilet.

There are some experiences that, even when youre doing them, you know your mind will blank out the crap and turn it into a sunny adventure for the grandkids. Some you dont expect so much. I didnt expect Id remember Goa fondly... 5 days of dissentry in the tropics with no water 3 hours a day, being woken up by crows smashing shellfish open on my tin roof at 5am...