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The Luxury Lifestyle in Ghana

The main reason I live outside the USA is for the life of luxury. I often wonder if I will become like my friends and family in the future, will I sit around worried about doctors? The majority of my friends over 50 are afraid to live more than one-hour from their doctor.

This is Jonathon, a young man who carried a heavy bag of purified water to our Hotel room, this luxury cost 30 cents U.S.

I like to live in luxury, it took me a long time to learn how to use money in luxurious ways, but this photo is good example of me living the life of luxury. My parents are old, they need the conveniences I experience on a daily basis, and now take for granted.

I call this a luxury, because it is by definition a luxury, it is non-essential, it is an indulgence, a convenience that makes my life better.

Ghana, West Africa --- Tuesday, March 29, 2011

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How much does luxury cost?
I have worked hard all my life, I have made some bad decisions, however for the last 13 years of my life, I have made some great ones.

This air conditioned microbus cost four dollars, for the four hour trip from Cape Coast to Kumasi, Ghana.

Watching movies can be Luxury
Bah my Ivory Coast girlfriend is good at being lazy, it comes naturally to Africans. It is part of the the culture and custom here to sit around doing as little as possible, she does not feel guilty.

Yesterday, I said, let us watch a movie, she wanted to watch,
"Indiana Jones."
She knows I am from the state of Indiana, and thought it was a movie about Indiana, I let her believe this, because time is of no value here.

So we watched "Raiders of the Lost Ark."

Bah cannot understand English movies, so I downloaded the French subtitles using a recommendation from Craig of This site is the easiest to use, with the least amount of confusion.

She really like the first movie, so a little while later we watched,
"Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom."

Many people watch movies instead of working or doing chores, while me and Bah watched movies for something to do, because we are not busy. I believe the primary goal of all humans should be to have a surplus of free time.
Take a look at the photo of Jonathon above, and ask these questions,

Why did Andy take his photo?
Why did Andy know his name?
Why is this entertaining to Andy?

The answer is simple, I have the luxury of time, I have the freedom and the time to learn the names of people around me, it is a luxury you deserve.

The Luxury Lifestyle in Ghana


I HATE YOU... who are you?

Most hate mails are between people who do not know each other and I do not know you but I know I HATE YOU.

It's about time you become more religious. Each morning when you wake up you should take a good look at what is laying beside you and when you should say "Thank you God".

You are getting older and soon you will need to visit a toilet during your bus travel (good but I still hate you). Maybe you should change you way of traveling so you do it from a base camp placed in Ivory Coast with 2 month of traveling and 2 month in base camp. This way you will not get tired of each other and you will always have new things to talk about. Bah could be in charge of base camp and maybe join you if you chose to visit France.

You should make sure Bah gets her English degree so she can teach you English. It would be a life long project but I'm sure your teacher will reward you then you have done your homework... I HATE YOU.

I HATE YOU for siting on a sunny African palm beach with an exotic black beauty beside you while I am stuck here in this cold gray spot called Copenhagen without any sun, freezing and fighting snow and ice. Hopping the sun one day might be able to pierce the black clouds above the city. Looking at trees without any leaves on them.

I HATE YOU for playing with baby powder but I'm sure you mother is smiling.

I better stop now. The list of reasons for hating you is endless.

I'm sure if I one day meet you I would think you are a nice guy, most people are when you meet them, but I would still hate you and I know 3,5 billion men on this planet agrees with me, WE HATE YOU.

Break a leg
(... no it would not make me happy, she would then have to nurse you 24-7. Maybe I should curse you with voodoo... but I do not know a African girl who can use voodoo, I HATE YOU)



I am wondering how many days it take the average person to adapt to a new city, country or hotel?

Brotha J

Andy, I don't understand why your wasting your valuable slow moving time on American films when you have such a wealth of Nigerian films here in Ghana. Your not going to get 10 minutes of 5 people screaming (blowing out the Audio on your TV by the way) and 35 minutes of mind numbing plot line in a Classic like Indiana Jones. Your not living the high life until you build up your Nigerian Movie collection. Skip the Ghana films...there are just plain bad...Drove by your location a few days ago on my way back from working on a concert in Tamale. Its a nice area....Cheers.


There are two types of people and no one who adapt to a place.

For some people home is a place were friends and family come visiting them, with a kitchen so they can prepare a meal for them, with a shelf there the little things they receive as a gift can be placed, with a color on the wall they have chosen.
Other places are just places they pass on their way home, comparing them with their home. They newer adapt to a place because only one place can be home.

Other people are newer home and always home, they live there they are and one morning they wake thinking it time to travel to the next place. Friends and family are those they meet and visit during their travel. They newer adapt because home is there they are, they just need time to explorer the new place and learn how it works.


Hmm the question is,
"Andy, I don't understand why your wasting your valuable slow moving time on American films when you have such a wealth of Nigerian films here in Ghana?"

Can I download the "French Subtitles?" so Bah and understand the movie?

There are Nigerian movies for sale on the streets, and I think about half are American made ones.

I have been thinking it is time for me to prompt Bah to look at them and maybe we can purchase a few for her. She truly enjoyed a soap opera Ghana film on the bus from Cape Coast to Kumasi.

Are Nigerian movies worth watching by an American? They will become of interest to me when I run out of American made films, when there is no other option, but I suspect I will start reading books at that time period.

Luxury is indulging in only what we want, not trying to appreciate.

Brotha J

The best nigerian films cast these adult "small People" actors. These twin brother look like there about 12 and are pretty funny. Nigerian films are B rated and you have to find the humor in them. I plan on building up my collection to torture my friends back home. I have not seen any French translations though.