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The Honduras Famliy Restaurant of Rosa in Tela Honduras

The Honduras Famliy Restaurant of Rosa in Tela Honduras

Here is a video of explaining how I wake up, work, then around 8-9 am walk down to the small street side Baleadas Restaurant ran by Rosa and family. Many years ago in Mexico, I told a couple,
"What you will remember about travel the most is the people."
Many years later and I are still in the memory making business.

Truly, there is no good or bad location when you focus on the people, when you only search for beautiful, talk only about the attractions, the scenery, the nature --- you will never find travel contentment, and this live and resides only in the small intimate friendships found on the path. Yes, it is friendship, not everlasting, do or die friendship, it the friendship of authentic humans slowly down to share a moment in our lives together.

Tela, Honduras --- Tuesday, August 10, 2010
On the Caribbean Coast


Video of Eating Baleadas for Breakfast in Tela, Honduras

An open homemade baleada with egg, sour cream, cheese and beansBaleadas are one of Honduras's most original and popular foods. A baleada is a wheat flour tortilla, often quite thick, folded in half and filled with mashed fried beans. They originate in La Ceiba[1] This is the no-frills baleada. People may also add other ingredients. The most common types of baleadas are the baleadas sencilla (simple baleada) which has crumbled cheese and cream. The other baleada is the baleada mixta (mixed baleada) which has same as the baleada simple but with an additional scrambled eggs. Many other people add sausage, plantain, hot sauce, avocado, chicken, pork and chimol which is diced tomato, onion and bell pepper. The big Honduran towns often have more than one restaurant that sells baleadas.

Types of baleada
There are different kinds of baleada according to the ingredients chosen by the customer or the region of Honduras.

Simple baleada (refried red beans, cream/crema, cheese)
Special baleadas (refried red beans, cream/crema, cheese, scrambled eggs)
Super special baleadas (refried red beans, cream/crema, cheese, scrambled eggs, chicken, ground meat or sausage)
In the region of Olancho and Ocotepeque the special baleada is served with all of the above and carne asada (grilled meat).

There is some speculation about that "Gringas" (a flour tortilla with melted cheese) originated from baleadas.

The Bay Island of Utila, off the coast of La Ceiba, adds pickled onions and creole (criollo) cheese to the beans.

The Honduras Famliy Restaurant of Rosa in Tela Honduras


Hello, I looked at all the choices, and took the one that looked like eggs. What she called it was not part of my decision, just part of the Latino loose and unspecific way of thinking. I am not in Germany, and this is great.

Value is always determined before the purchase, I was positive what I was purchasing for 50 cents U.S, and know I got a good deal. Initially I ordered a cheese one on the first day, she started putting what was powered cheese in the tortilla, maybe was shaved, but looked dodgy. I stopped here, and said I did not want it.

Again, before the money leaves my hand, I know what I am buying.


I seldom Tip, except in the USA. Tipping is almost only an American Cultural thing, therefore Tipping tells the people you are foolish and easy to swindle.

Now, I gave Rosa and extra 50 Lempiras as a Propina to show I appreciated her helping me to make the video. i do not tip for the food I eat there.

Note, resorts and high end restaurants, and silly expat crooks will induce you to Tip, they make more money, even though is not part of the culture you are visiting.

I tend to avoid tourist who feel compelled to Tip, their Cultural Competance is about a zero. The joy of traveling is immersion and understanding the locals at a more than "Guidebook" silliness level. Tipping also is a way to belittle culture, and allow the person tipping to feel superiour, but never equal.

world kangaroo

Is that a bottle cap I espy under the baleada tray? I love it!


Tipping is motivated by man interesting quirks of humans.

1. Desire to be generous. 5 Percent
2. Desire to feel adequate, and adhere or obey the social norms. 60 Percent
3. Desire to say to the waitress or waiter, you did an exceptional job. 5 Percent
4. Desire to say to the locals, I am rich 10 Percent
5. Guilt, middle class guilt, the low-esteem feeling a person has when they do not feel they deserve the money they have, that they did not work to get it. 10 percent.

If people could empathize with a culture, they would soon see, nobody tips in 220 countries on the planet.


To party Tela is dangerous, many people get killed, it is not the place to do what you are talking about.

I recommend you go to Utila to party, I think that is the party place, and the tourist police would help if they have them. Honduras is one of the most dangerous countries I have been in, makes Haiti and Africa look safe.