The Hobo and the Jehovah Witness

The enemy of good advice is love and respect.

"Don't believe your friends when they ask you to be honest with them. All they really want is to be maintained in the good opinion they have of themselves."
- Albert Camus

The voice of the good people can be weeded out of the angry comments. Sometimes it is impossible to find an honest voice in sea of sweet talking people who do not want to offend.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Friday, February 12, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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My Two Daily Questions

1. What shall I do today?
I am fortunate, 99 percent of my day is open, and I have nothing on the schedule.

2. How do I find friend today?

Hobo Annoying People
Here is a little story….

Suppose a Hobo gets off the train, wanders around your home town, then for some strange reason walk up to your back door and ask,
"Will you give me some food?"

Suppose for some reason a Jehovah Witness walks up to your door and says,
"Have you found God?"

I am guessing, but about 50 percent of the people are going to be rude, be abrupt, and disrespectful, saying.
"No, why are you bothering me?"

The Hobo and the Jehovah Witness see each other on the same path; they both are experiencing overwhelming rejection.

The Hobo says to the Jehovah Witness,
"These people are angry."

The Jehovah Witness says,
"I would rather listen to an angry person telling me the truth, then a happy person lying to me."

Good friendships starts with an honest statement, coupled with benevolent intentions. However, if the persons intentions are bad, I still want to hear the honest opinions. When a person twist honest sentences into lies, then couples it with bad intentions, we know we are talking with the devil.

Is God Lost?
Generally, when a person ask me,
"Have you found God?"
I say,
"I did not know he was lost."
"I am ok, are you looking for him?"

The Hobo and the Jehovah Witness