The Culture Punishes for Asking Questions

The Culture Punishes for Asking Questions
Many cultures punish people who ask too many questions; unfortunately my Thai Girlfriend is from one of these cultures. I have been trying for the last couple of years to explain this to her, instead of talking about the Thailand culture the conversation ends in her pouting.

In Africa, I knew I could ask two or three questions before they overheated.

In India, asking a question is often the prompt to get a lecture for the next half hour.

Asking a British person a question is their prompt to make fun of you for the next lifetime, this is called “Taking the Piss,” they especially like to wind up the Americans. I call them,
“My mean older brother.”

Baguio, Philippines
Southeast Asia
Friday, July 31, 2009


There is a face made by both the Thailand and Philippines girls that is classic. It is a scowl, the Philippines girls have a little more lip action, and the Thailand one is more mean spirited. It is about control, as everyone often feels powerless; they enjoy tweaking out any small sense of power they can pull out of people.

I learn maybe 25 years ago to be aware when I get angry, or when another person gets angry, there is something we want to change. I can change my clothes; I cannot change people, places or things.

The difference between a developed nations and underdeveloped nations is their ability to solve problem. Thailand the Philippines will tolerate a problem for their whole life. They can be abused emotionally by their family and feel this debt for being born, I cannot imagine wanting payback for having a baby, but this is a common way of treating children on the planet.

A functional person or culture will try to find solutions to problems, while a dysfunctional person will endlessly talk about the problems, never once offering solutions, they think the solution is talking about it, which is a start, I personally watch for movement, I want to see the person move, not talk.

As for me, when I feel myself overheating, starting to cook, I start to think of solutions, I do not stew, I guess I do stew until I find a solution… hehehe

Noise in Hotels is the reasons for Air Conditioning, landscaping, large curtains and changing rooms or hotels. Street traffic, these incredibly smoke belching, loud jeepneys, the transportation throwback to World War II are a noise hazard. She was angry this morning because of noise, but she was not going to tell me.

I have been looking for Apartments and Hotels, it is hilarious, and generally, they have the Hotels on the noisiest streets. They do not have much choice, build in a ghetto, or build on a noisy main street. Well, truly the solution in the Philippines is to go up, they have tons of high-rise buildings, up is the only quiet place.

Well, I asked the Thailand person,
“Why are you angry?”

She does not want to answer, I cannot change Thailand people, I cannot change a culture, and I must accept and guess what the problem is. When I see the scowl on her face, I am supposed to be sensitive to her, and allow here to control me.

Fun crap, and ridiculous to me, I am uncontrollable, but I am sensitive, I know I have a personal problem with the Thailand culture. Just think, I can be thrown in jail in Thailand for talking or commenting about certain people. Here in the Philippine some 60 plus journalist have been killed in this administration as I understand.

Burn the books, do not ask question, truly an interesting culture this punish us for asking questions.

I was one of them annoying kids; I asked so many questions of my Mom she would finally say,
“Just because.”

I learned at an early age to not ask too many questions, I was surrounded by overheating parents, teachers, and friends, truly everyone around me, all of them. I now distribute my questions, I will only ask about three of any one human, it is not fun to be punished for being smart, I learned to be an oversensitive kid to stop the punishment, I can feel overheating people around me.

As Chuck says,
“The first rule of Thai Club is to not talk about Thai Club.”

Note, I am not supposed to explain cultures because I do not have a degree in cultural studies.

The Culture Punishes for Asking Questions


Exchange the words developed and under developed with functiinal and dysfunctonal.

All people functional nd are dysfuntional.

The USA is dysfunctional often towards attainment of happiness.

Money, the economy is proving the dysfunctionality. People borrowed money stupidly and it is failing to function.


He he he! I am a question-asker too. I was lucky, when I was young my mother spent a lot of time answering my questions. She tells a story of me asking detailed questions about how electricity works and how it is made and gets to the house when I was still in the push-chair (is this called a stroller?)... aparently she was explaining to me about turbines and pylons in the post-office queue and all the old ladies found it very amusing.

When I used to go to play-school at age 4, the teachers told my mother i was more interested in talking with them than other children.... I guess I found them boring.

But I find your comments here interesting. It almost amazed me that, in Nepal, the people seemed quite happy to discuss politics, criticize the king or the maoists openly, except in certain places where they felt under scrutiny... was a pleasant thing to find an enquisative people.

From your mean younger-older brother,

Page Turner

Dingbat was what my step father a good man always called my mother, kinda like Edith Bunker.Innocent. As I grow older I realize what governed and guided my Mothers life. She knew cultures might be different but she always seemed to be striving for goodness in people and tried to teach me. I believe that my Mother thought that not the pursuit of happiness but the pursuit of goodness was the aim of her life. Happiness she thought was not something to seek but a gift of God to be accepted as a by product of a good life. I expect she learned this from her Mother who was thrilled to live in a culture that finally allowed women to vote.