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The Balance Later Travel Tip

2009-05-02 06:13:16

The Balance Later Travel Tip
In your Travel Lif, be the person that owes money, do not be the person who needs to dun people to collect money.

There is a world shortage of change; the world is outrageously unprofessional when it comes to giving change back after paying for services. I have only been in Uganda three days and already two Hotels wanted to give me my change later, they say,
“I will give balance later.”

I give them 20,000 Shilling and they owe me 5,000 and they want to give me the change later.

Mubende, Uganda
East Africa
Saturday, May 2, 2009


This is fun once you get the hang of it; it is like a mad game of musical chairs trying to stay ahead of the other contestants.

Ok, today I went to eat breakfast in the Hotel, the cost of my breakfast was 2500 Uganda Shillings for Eggs, Toast and Milk Coffee. Because they are confused, they brought me an Omelet with Onions and Peppers, Toast, Milk Coffee, Passion Fruit Juice, French Beans, (String Beans) and a Banana. (Free Breakfast is included with room, I made a special deal.)

I go to pay, the price is 2500 as agreed, I give this nice woman a 5000 Shilling note, I have the correct change, but to spend 2500 Shillings in one place demands an attempt on my part to get extra change in my coffers, taxis drivers require correct change…

She said,
“I will give you the balance later.”

I reach over; grab the 5000 Shilling note from her hands and say,
“When you have the change, I will give you the money.”
I walk out the door.

She is frustrated, she has all the staff talking, I go out on the front porch and start to play with my BlackBerry. She comes out on the porch and says,
“Give me the money, I will go get change.”
I give here the 5000 Shilling note.

She walks away, comes back in about five minutes, give me this plate with the correct change on it.

This is about confusion, organization, memory and trust, the bottom line is I do trust them, however, I knew the minute I walked out of the door not another thought would pass through her brain about this situation. I would have to return and dun her for the money later, or until she went and got the change.

The bottom-line, be the person who is being dunned, not the person who needs to dun. This is just plain lazy, nothing efficient or professional about the whole scenario.

However, good fun as the Brits likes to say, if you want to be a player. Remember, money lives on a one-way street in the under-developed world.

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The Balance Later Travel Tip