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The Art of Travel in West Africa

The Art of Travel in West Africa
Truly, I have no clear explanation of what that title is suppose to mean, yet I know this, it is cliché enough to be said by a Travel Writer, we are the champions of cliché writing. The truth is travel is just living life while moving from location to location, trying to minimize the discomfort.

What does the dictionary have to say about art, well quite a bit, here is the number seven and eight in the list that best describes the cliché above?

Techniques or craft: the set of techniques used by somebody in a particular field, or the use of those techniques, the ability: the skill or ability to do something well.

This is where I now eat Breakfast daily; I call it the Irma Restaurant.
"I made an obvious good decision by going to this restaurant."

Grand Bassam, Quartier Françoise
Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa --- Tuesday, October 12, 2010


This is Frederick; I tried many times to get a truly good photo of his "Bloated Belly."
STOP his belly is not bloated, but that is what all the cliché people of the planet want you to believe, that some reason Black People are diseased in Africa.
"I made an obvious good decision, ignore all NGO’s, they sell lies for donations."

Kelly taking a photo of two children with a cell phone.
"I made an obvious good decision to take this photo."

Kelly is a cute girl; this little girl is a smile on steroids, an amazing amount of energy packed into one small midget person.
"I made an obvious good decision by absorbing the energy."

Art is the skill or ability to do something well.

The Art of Travel is to make decisions that are obviously good. There are people who want to come to Africa to save Africa, I think they should come to Africa to be saved.

The Art of Travel in West Africa


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