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That is Life in Dominican Republic

I know we must accept life, on life’s terms; however, there are many lives to be lived on planet earth.

Arroz Chaufa, a Chinese / Latino food dish, normally cost about one U.S. Dollar.

When a group of foreigner sits around a table in a country one of them will pipe up and tell a story of what happened to them, I often say.
"Bienvenido a Republica Dominicana"

These words changes by country, Sawadee Krap Thailand, Welcome to the USA, etc, it is my commitment to accept the country as it is, not as I want it to be.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Saturday, February 13, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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Cultural Insight Story
I joined a Netherlands man who lives here in Sosua for a bite to eat the other night. He tells me the restaurant was good, and he eats there often. I saw some Chaufa; I had eaten this in both the Cities of Elias Pinas and La Vega.

I thought my friend knew the restaurant, so I do not ask
"How much is it?"

I go to pay, I take out 50 Pesos, about 1.50, and he looks at me and said,
"It is probably 100."
I said,
"You’re kidding?"
She came and said,
"150 Pesos."
"Five Dollars."
I said,
"Esta un broma?"
"No posible?"

Sosua Dominican Republic is Expensive
The food in the super market here in Sosua is the most expensive I have encountered in 12 years of continuous travel. In addition, this includes seven islands of the Caribbean and six months in Europe, the food cost is crazy, they will ask 10 dollars for a box of cereal.

I know this, but this is rice, a staple, I could not find meat in the plate.

Opinion of Dominican Local
I tell this story to a Dominican Local; I say the restaurant was a "Tramposo."
He says,
"This is not a cheat, this is smart."
That is life.
… an ugly feeling creeps down my spine, I look into his eyes, and I see something black.

Bienvenido a Republica Dominicana

Clever is Celebrated
The world celebrates clever; I do not like this temptation, if one day I accepted this doctrine, and decided to make money by being clever, I would have an unfair advantage.

Three people have been murdered in Sosua in the last month. This is like Jamaica, a great place for people from New York.

That is Life in Dominican Republic