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Thanksgiving in Haiti 2009

2009-11-26 18:19:19

My day was great, I had a six slices of Turkey, and a can of Pinto Beans for Thanksgiving Dinner. Strangely, Haiti is the first country I have encountered where I see Turkeys regularly.

I took this Photo in the Orphanage, however I have seen many Turkeys in Haiti. It is a mystery to me; however, the world does not raise many Turkeys. Chickens are common, Quail Eggs are everywhere, however Turkeys are rare.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti - Ayiti - Thursday, November 26, 2009
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I was excited, I saw this sign two days ago, and I thought it said,
The Turkey Bar Restaurant.”

Pavo is Turkey in Spanish, I thought this was a French Cognate, I am still confused. I think that looks like a Turkey, not a Chicken. I went in the restaurant, which is more of a casino, sat down and tried to order Pave. Well, they never came and waited on me, I watched men pull the handles on Keno Slot Machines for a while. Tried to figure out if the four women sitting by the door were take away, in the end, I was ignored in the typical Africa manner, so I left.

I walked over to the “Supermarket Piyay Nasyonal,” across the street from the Palace. An Italian guy owns it who calls himself Junior, and a Palestine man. I would say Junior is the best source of insider knowledge for Port-au-Prince a person could find.

I purchase .33 pounds of Turkey for 59.73 Gourde. At about 43 Gourde to the dollar, this Turkey cost about $4.50 US Per pound. There is a true mixture of cultures, the label is in English, however the pricing is Haitian Gourde, and the store has its name on the bottom. There are three prices in Haiti, the Haitian Dollar, which does not exist, however is normal, the Gourde, which is the money I have, and the USA dollar. When they tell me the price in USA Dollars, my answer 99 percent of the time is
“No Thanks.”
I am assured it is horrible value; I pay with the money of the country.

Another photo of the Pave Restaurant, that does not serve Turkey, but does have gambling machines inside.

I ended my day, by visiting the Hotel Oloffson, talking with a Lady who owns the Banana Restaurant on the Island of Nevis, and her male friend who is a Solicitor in England. We all agreed, Haiti does not feel dangerous. The Hotel Oloffson is another story. (First time I spoke English in two weeks.)

I often feel, I should never leave a city until I shown you the most important photos, I will make up my mind tomorrow morning. I probably will stay here in Port-au-Prince, the city center is convenient, and I can take Motos and Tap Tap easy. I believe I can go check out the city of Kenscoff.

10 Miles away, it will probably take 1-2 hours to get there by Tap Tap, I hope not, but the trip should be great. The trip goes from Sea Level to about 1500-1900 Meters.

Thanksgiving in Haiti 2009