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Thailand Overdeveloped Humanity

Thailand Overdeveloped Humanity
I found this man hand feeding a few birds in a cage; I was impressed by his patience and pension for detail.

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Southeast Asia
Friday, June 26, 2009


On a side street, behind a few building, inside a small restaurant, in a place where I had no reason to walk I found this man feeding birds.

He was taking these small chopsticks and placing small portions of food into the beaks of birds.

There is always a humane side to cultures, it always exist, it always shows itself, even when surrounded by great cruelty. Do not misunderstand, I do not think Thailand has an overdeveloped sense of humanity, I think this person was temporarily focused, he for sure did not say hello to me when I entered the door.

Thailand Overdeveloped Humanity


Chuck Wow,

Please, I truly believe all tourist should walk in and say,
Chuck Wow.

I agree with you Chuck WOW, Thailand people love animals, I was playing with the word Humanity, I tend to pay attention more to how Thailand people treat other humans.

Please, everyone go volunteer or walk up to Thailand people and say,
Chuck Wow. sent you.

And again I will say, all people have good and bad within them, there is always a human or the ideal of being a human in all people, including Chuck Wow.

Thanks Chuck Wow.

I suppose you can say, and Chuck Wow, this would truly be good advertising, and even better if Chuck Wow would give a real email address. Tell Them Oranoot Kadnok PUI sent you.

Page Turner

Andy, Remember that cement turtle pond you made when you were about 10 and had all those turtles that you enjoying caring for through your childhood years. You really should go to the place where the elephants are and volunteer to help for a couple of weeks. Take some pictures and get a fresh outlook on life. Allow your heart and mind be touched by these people and their love of the animals. Time to get on with your adventure in life and enjoy your travels more fully. Someone who remembers you from always. Dont know where this place is but that has never stopped you.