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Thailand Market Shrimp and Fuzzy Fruit

2009-07-01 04:47:48

Thailand Market Shrimp and Fuzzy Fruit
I was forced to walk through a Thailand food market that was in front of the Panthip Computer store in Rangsit, Thailand yesterday.

Shrimp, Crabs and fuzzy fruit, it is always a colorful day when walking through the food markets in Thailand; you never know why the market is located where it is located, it is just there. Intriguing, however the smell can sometimes be annoying, as the smells are all in the same soup.

Thammasat University
Rangsit Campus,
Thailand, Southeast Asia
Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I truly love Shrimp Cocktail; however, I can never buy the cocktail sauce or the horseradish to make my own, and it just does not taste the same.

Large Thailand Shrimp, I suspect they are raised in the Shrimp farms close to the ocean here; I doubt it is natural Shrimp.

Crabs, I have never seen a crab farm, I do not know if they grow them in farms or not?

There are many types of strange vegetables and fruits for sale in Thailand, I always think the fuzzy ones are interesting.

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Thailand Market Shrimp and Fuzzy Fruit

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