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Thailand is Half the Price of Sosua Travel Tip

Thailand is almost the same situation as the Dominican Republic, but the cost of living is about one-third of less, if a person pays one Dollar in Sosua, a person in Thailand could pay 30 cents.
( I know I did the math wrong, but this is reality, this is another problem with analysis.)

Albert Einstein used paper, you can also, and it is acceptable.
Time Magazine Article on Albert Einstein

Airfares from the USA to Thailand is double or triple the cost, and the travel time to Thailand is 4-5 times greater.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Sunday, March 7, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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Math Skills
The math analysis I do in my head with zero strain, is impossible for 98 percent of the population. I am not sure, when I realized this, but one day I understood, traveling the planet is easier for people who can do math in their heads, without the use of paper. I watch people exchanging money in the street in front of the Bon Ice Cream daily, I never see a calculator, I am sure the money exchangers love their stupidity.

Admit your not good at math, get a piece of paper, and write all math questions down, show all the calculations clearly, then you hopefully will be able to understand, but this is not guaranteed.

We are not the Same
When I study languages, I get a tablet of paper, and I write every word down. I must be painstaking in this task, I cannot learn words in my head, and I must see it clearly.

You Low Self-Esteem Cost you Money
A person with high self-esteem admits his or her weakness; I am weak at languages, when a person wants to talk very fast in another language. I slow them down or stop them to make us equal again; I do not just nod my head and say I understand, I do not care if they think I am stupid, I consider them stupid for requiring another person to know a language.

Carry Paper
I always have a piece of paper, with a pen in my pocket, the Smart Phones, the PDA, the handheld computers, or even a full size computer fails to work as fast as me taking a note. The problem is I am required later to log it into the computer; here in lies the problem, to add something one times is more effective. I must synchronize my paper with the computer to complete my memory ritual, truly an annoying and tiresome task, but the cost of never losing a thought.

Many a genius has been lost, because the recipient of genius was too lazy to write it down.

One on One Basketball
If I am having a conversation with a person, and they bring out a piece of paper to take notes, I know winning this game of brains one on one is not a slam dunk.

Thailand is Half the Price of Sosua Travel Tip