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Thailand Foreigners Take Our Smile

2009-06-21 19:51:32

Thailand Foreigners Take Our Smile
The 1000 smiles from Thailand have been removed, I used to blame it on the Thai people, however a Thailand girl explained,
“Foreigners take our smile.”

Bangkok, Thailand
Khao San Road - Center of Backpacker Universe
Southeast Asia
Monday, June 22, 2009
Hotels on Khao San Road

The Foreigners “Take the smile”

There is a saying about Thailand that originated many years ago,
“The land of a 1000 smiles.”

I have said,
“The land of a 1000 frowns.”

I do not see the people from Thailand as quick to smile, they are quickly becoming the like the stone-faced Chinese.


I was talking to a long-term Thailand girl who knows me well last night, I had been complaining the other day about the cold-hearted staff of the Hotel where I am staying, and how they do not care. It is very late at night and the Hotel is sleeping, about 5-10 people from England enter the Hotel and are talking very loud.

Now, this is common in Hotels, normally the noise subsides in about 5-10 minutes and people sleeping are relieved of the problem. However, this went on for about one hour and never stopped, they never once considered that people were sleeping, hollering down the halls of the hotel in their drunken manner.

The Thailand girls says,
“Foreigners are junk.”

This is a generalization or a stereotype held by the Thailand people and I believe it is correct. The foreigners in Thailand are junk. Most foreigners leave Thailand thinking Thai people like them, they call us Farang for a reason, and it is not because they like us.

I am foreigners, therefore I am junk.

What can I say, when you lay down with dogs, you wake up with fleas.

Jeroen my travel agent here on Khao San Road has often asked,
“Why don’t you wear the Thailand clothes like other Farang?”

“You just came back from Africa, why don’t you have on African clothing?

“Look at the people here in Thailand who just came from India, you can easily see they came from India.”

I said,
“I am Andy; I do not visit countries to become a different person, I like who I am.”

Thailand is one the most convenient countries on the planet, I can live, eat, and buy anything cheap here. I have been here at least 20-50 times, I can buy Airplane Tickets here cheaper than anywhere on the planet.

How many email addresses do I have from Thailand?
How many do I have from Uganda?
Two - I spent a month in Uganda.

Thailand Foreigners Take Our Smile

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